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Logo of ServerlessDays Milan 2019

ServerlessDays Milan 2019

Milan, Lombardy, Italy
June 21st
Scholarship Deadline: June 14th

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ServerlessDays Milano is a developer-oriented
conference about serverless technologies.

Logo of High Performance Graphics

High Performance Graphics

July 8th - July 10th

High-Performance Graphics is the leading international forum for performance-oriented graphics systems research including innovative algorithms, efficient implementations, and hardware architecture.

Logo of Serverless Days London 2019

Serverless Days London 2019

London, United Kingdom
July 9th - July 11th
Scholarship Deadline: July 1st

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Serverless Days London is a conference focused serverless cloud platforms. This event is for everyone from experienced serverless developers to those who've only heard the buzzword and want to understand more.

Logo of CSSCamp Barcelona

CSSCamp Barcelona

July 17th
Scholarship Deadline: June 21st

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CSSCamp is the first CSS one-day, one-track conference for Web designers and developers in Barcelona

Logo of VOICE Summit

VOICE Summit

Newark, NJ
July 22nd - July 25th
Scholarship Deadline: July 15th

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VOICE Summit sponsored by Amazon Alexa is the world’s largest voice-tech conference attracting 5,000+ developers, conversational designers, startups, brands, agencies and executives at the forefront of the voice-first era.

Logo of Container Camp AU

Container Camp AU

Sydney, Australia
July 25th - July 26th
Scholarship Deadline: June 30th

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Container Camp AU is Australia's container technology conference.

Logo of Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference 2019

Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference 2019

August 1st - August 2nd
Scholarship Deadline: June 16th

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A tech conference designed to bring programmers from the region together, regardless of their choice of platform, for two full days of learning and community building.

Logo of Heart of Clojure

Heart of Clojure

Leuven, Belgium
August 2nd - August 3rd
Scholarship Deadline: July 1st

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A brand new Clojure conference in the heart of Europe. On August 2nd the European community comes together for two days of talks, activities, and summer fun.

Logo of SIGNAL


San Francisco
August 6th - August 7th
Scholarship Deadline: June 17th

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Explore the intersection of technology, innovation, and communications.

Logo of WISP DEF CON 2019 Scholarship

WISP DEF CON 2019 Scholarship

Las Vegas
August 8th - August 11th

Hacking Conference. The scholarship is $900 & covers $500 travel stipend, and scholar support team.

Logo of JSConf US


Carlsbad, CA
August 12th - August 14th

JSConf US is the only conference where you can learn how to push your favorite language beyond the confines of the browser and into robots, and video games.

Logo of PyBay


San Francisco, California
August 15th - August 16th

4th Annual Regional Python Conference. Code together, Laugh together, Learn together!

Logo of Abstractions


Pittsburgh, PA
August 21st - August 23rd

Abstractions is a multi-disciplinary conference in Pittsburgh, PA that brings together the full spectrum of individuals involved in modern software development — designers, developers, DevOps, managers, quality assurance, support, and community leaders — to teach, learn, and connect.

Logo of CloudyCon


Burlingame, California
September 10th - September 12th
Scholarship Deadline: August 1st

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CloudyCon will deliver real world stories, expertise and inspiration for and by FinOps leaders and practitioners – all aimed at helping the community members and their teams become better at cloud financial management.

Logo of SaaStock West Coast

SaaStock West Coast

San Francisco
September 10th - September 11th

SaaStock West Coast is the most useful conference of the year, providing insights and connections you can put to work today to take your business from $10k-$10M ARR.

Get ready for 20 jam-packed hours of interactive and relatable content designed to inspire growth, create better value for your customers, scale up your company and transform your business metrics.

Logo of Write the Docs Prague 2019

Write the Docs Prague 2019

Prague, Czech Republic
September 15th - September 17th
Scholarship Deadline: July 7th

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Write the Docs brings everyone who writes the docs together in the same room: Programmers, Tech Writers, Support, Designers, Developer Advocates, and more. We all have things to learn from each other, and there’s no better way than sitting together and talking.

Logo of AngularConnect


London, UK
September 19th - September 20th
Scholarship Deadline: July 25th

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Europe's largest Angular conference

Logo of CloudNative London

CloudNative London

September 25th - September 27th
Scholarship Deadline: July 25th

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Discover how to take full advantage of the cloud platforms available to you, and how to build the next generation of tools to support them. Learn how to make your apps run faster and more efficiently. Network and share ideas. Deploy like a pro.

Logo of Grace Hopper Conference

Grace Hopper Conference

Orlando, FL
September 30th - October 4th
Scholarship Deadline: June 28th

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A scholarship by Facebook.

We’ll join thousands of remarkable women in technology in Orlando, Florida from September 30 - October 4, 2019 for our twelfth year at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. This unique scholarship program will be awarded to 50 women excelling in Computer Science. Each recipient will have the opportunity not only to attend the Celebration, but to spend valuable days before the conference with Facebook engineers learning, collaborating, and preparing for the conference.

Logo of Canvas Conference

Canvas Conference

Birmingham, United Kingdom
October 10th
Scholarship Deadline: August 29th

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Canvas Conference is a single day digital product and experience conference sharing the insider stories from people solving real customer problems. We are single track event of inspirational and informative talks for people who design, make and deliver digital products and experiences.

Logo of ITNEXT Summit


Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 30th
Scholarship Deadline: July 31st

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On Wednesday 30th of October 2019, inspirational speakers will discuss the latest technologies and development around JS, Data Engineering and DevOps at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

Logo of The Lead Developer Austin

The Lead Developer Austin

November 8th
Scholarship Deadline: July 8th

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The conference for technical leaders

Logo of The Lead Developer Berlin

The Lead Developer Berlin

Berlin, Germany
December 6th
Scholarship Deadline: August 6th

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Be a better technical leader

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