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Logo of European Testing Conference 2020

European Testing Conference 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands
February 6th - February 7th
Scholarship Deadline: December 15th

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Testing is important. This conference is about getting experts and practitioners together to talk, learn and practice the art of testing. We’re looking into advanced new methods into making our testing more effective, as well as enrich our understanding of fundamental methods to grow a stronger community.

We’re tired of conferences that feel more like sales pitches than practitioners sharing the craft.

Come. Learn. Do. Teach. Test.

Logo of VCUnlocked Deal Camp

VCUnlocked Deal Camp

Berkley, CA
February 10th - February 13th
Scholarship Deadline: December 16th

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Deal Camp is a four-day course focused on the nuts and bolts of deal making for investors who want to improve their ability to define, negotiate, and execute early-stage investments.

Participants will work with leading UC Berkeley faculty and 500 Partners to develop strategies to structure deals in order to maximize investment returns.

Logo of SaaStr


San Jose, CA
March 10th - March 12th

Once a year, 15,000+ SaaS executives, founders, and VCs come together for the SaaStr Annual, the largest non-vendor SaaS conference.

Logo of The Lead Developer New York 2020

The Lead Developer New York 2020

New York, US
April 7th - April 8th
Scholarship Deadline: January 3rd

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The Lead Developer New York is a two-day conference packed full of inspirational and practical sessions from the world’s top technical leaders, focused around three core themes: teams, tech and tools. Engineering leaders learn to nurture high performing teams, apply the best tech and tools for the job, and thrive as they meet the challenges of software engineering leadership.

Logo of JS Kongress 2020

JS Kongress 2020

April 15th - April 16th
Scholarship Deadline: November 15th

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The focus of JS Kongress 2020 is Scaling JS – Pushing the Limits: Massive Platforms, Data-Driven Architectures, and Modern APIs.

The #DeepTrack is about all things JavaScript. YOU create the program!

Join us, and let's watch out for solutions and best practices.

Logo of SmashingConf SF

SmashingConf SF

San Francisco, CA
April 21st - April 22nd

We’re bringing back two full days packed with front-end, UX and all that jazz! Live sessions on performance, accessibility, security, interface design, debugging and fancy CSS/JS techniques — and a few surprises along the way.

Logo of JSHeroes


Cluj-Napoca, Romania
April 23rd - April 24th

An Open-Source Community Event

Logo of MongoDB World 2020

MongoDB World 2020

New York City
May 4th - May 6th
Scholarship Deadline: February 28th

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MongoDB World is where the world’s fastest growing database community comes to connect, explore, and learn.

Level up your MongoDB skills with a deeper knowledge of the latest in MongoDB technology through breakout sessions, in-depth technical sessions, and access to MongoDB experts.

Logo of Women in Analytics Conference

Women in Analytics Conference

Columbus, OH
June 3rd - June 5th
Scholarship Deadline: March 1st

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An Analytics Conference. Featuring Women. For Everyone.

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