Underrepresented people in tech share their stories

Eva Reid (she/her)

Up until December 3, 2021 I was a Senior GIS Analyst with the District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer. As of December 6th, I will be Data Manager for DC Department of Health.

#data manager
Scott DeGeest (he/him/they)

Scott is a computational social scientist for a supply chain startup

#Computational Social Scientist
Olivia Liddell (she/her)

Olivia Liddell is a Technical Curriculum Developer. Over the course of her career, she has created innovative teaching and technical training solutions for learners from diverse backgrounds and skill levels.

#curriculum developer
Arit Amana Okwu (she/her)

Arit Amana Okwu is a Software Engineer at Forem and the founder of Our Time For Tech

Emmanuel Apau (He/Him)

Emmanuel is an AWS Certified DevOps specialist with 10 years of experience developing innovative automation solutions using DevOps & Site reliability best practices

Natalie Davis (she/her)

Natalie Davis is a recent bootcamp graduate who is now working as a Frontend Egnineer.

Marian Lumba (she/her)

Marian Lumba is a front end developer at Demosphere where she builds software for sports organizations.

Nicholas Hunt-Walker (he/him)

After 5.5 years working toward a Ph.D. in astrophysics, Nicholas Hunt-Walker moved into tech. He works as Senior Software Engineer.

#senior# developer# data scientist
Dicko Sow (she/her)

Dicko Sow works as a senior software engineer at a startup and the founder of Yodi Naturals.

#senior# developer# bootcamp
Julie Ann Howlett (she/her)

Julie Ann is an Edtech Professional, Entrepreneur, and Digital Marketer.

#edtech# entrepreneur# marketing
Cakelin Marquardt (they/them)

Cakelin is the founder of and co-runs a local meetup group, Madison Women in Tech.

#developer# founder
LaShana Lewis (she/her)

LaShana Lewis is a technologist working in the diversity space with over 20 years of experience. After working as a Software Engineer, she runs a consulting company which aims to make companies more diverse through assistance with recruitment, hiring, and retention best practices.

#developer#director# founder
Katie Fujihara (she/her)

Katie is a Software Engineer who loves to create at the intersection of beautiful/accessible product design, and front-end development. In addition to contributing to open source projects, she runs the Portland Future Leaders in Tech organization.

#developer#software engineer
Clifton C. Craig (he/him)

Clifton Craig is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Samsung Electronics. He has over 16 years of software engineering experience. He is a mobile software engineer with a diverse skill set ranging from iOS development to Linux bash and zshell to Snow Leopard.

Angel D'az (he/him)

Angel is a Data Engineer working on automating ETL pipelines for Data Analysts/Scientists. He is also an Adjunct Professor.

#data engineer
Kadeem Pardue (he/him)

Kadeem owns his own tech consulting firm and runs an online learning platform to help others like him grow their tech careers.

Janani SriGuha (she/her)

Janani is an Engineering Lead and a Senior Backend Engineer. She leads the team that built the 911 emergency dispatch system software.

#developer# lead
Nemesis Contreras (she/her)

Nemesis is a Security Researcher. She is in charge of triaging incoming bug reports and researching mitigation of security vulnerabilities.

Cecelia Martinez (she/her)

Cecelia is a Full-Stack Developer with a background in digital journalism and finance.

#developer# bootcamp grad
Kenneth Elliott (he/him)

Kenneth Elliott is a professional web developer and digital brand consultan. He has been developing websites for over 20 years.

#developer# brand consultant
Danielle Smalls (she/her)

Danielle Smalls is a data scientist and deployment strategist working on a project that supports anti-human trafficking investigations online.

#data scientist# deployment strategist# founder
Jess Lee (she/her)

Jess Lee is a co-founder of DEV community and one of the core mainters of the DEV platform.

#founder# developer
Andrea Breanna (she/her)

Andrea is the founder/CEO of RebelMouse, a technology company and creative agency, building the next generation CMS.

Minda Harts (she/her)

Minda is the founder of The Memo LLC, an online technology career development company for women of color.

#author#founder# CEO