Underrepresented people in tech share their stories

Angel D'az

Angel is a Data Engineer working on automating ETL pipelines for Data Analysts/Scientists. He is also an Adjunct Professor.

#data engineer
Kadeem Pardue

Kadeem owns his own tech consulting firm and runs an online learning platform to help others like him grow their tech careers.

Janani SriGuha

Janani is an Engineering Lead and a Senior Backend Engineer. She leads the team that built the 911 emergency dispatch system software.

#developer# lead
Nemesis Contreras

Nemesis is a Security Researcher. She is in charge of triaging incoming bug reports and researching mitigation of security vulnerabilities.

Cecelia Martinez

Cecelia is a Full-Stack Developer with a background in digital journalism and finance.

#developer# bootcamp grad
Kenneth Elliott

Kenneth Elliott is a professional web developer and digital brand consultan. He has been developing websites for over 20 years.

#developer# brand consultant
Danielle Smalls

Danielle Smalls is a data scientist and deployment strategist working on a project that supports anti-human trafficking investigations online.

#data scientist# deployment strategist# founder
Jess Lee

Jess Lee is a co-founder of DEV community and one of the core mainters of the DEV platform.

#founder# developer
Andrea Breanna

Andrea is the founder/CEO of RebelMouse, a technology company and creative agency, building the next generation CMS.

Minda Harts

Minda is the founder of The Memo LLC, an online technology career development company for women of color.

#author#founder# CEO

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