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Logo of 50/50 Pledge

50/50 Pledge

50/50 Pledge works to showcase an equal share of men’s and women’s voices at the top technology industry conferences. Together, we will change the gender balance at these events.

Black Speakers in Tech

Black Speakers in Tech

A list of black speakers in tech.

CFP Land

CFP Land

Get out of the audience and onto the stage

Logo of CFP Organizer by Mercedes Bernard

CFP Organizer by Mercedes Bernard

An app for sorting and filtering CFPs

Logo of CallbackWomen


CallbackWomen promotes CFPs for more than 1100 conferences per year.

Logo of Fempire


A list of women tech speakers & organizers. Add yourself or others by submitting a PR!

Logo of IT CFP List by SoftwareMill

IT CFP List by SoftwareMill

IT conferences Call For Papers list. Curated by the SoftwareMill crew.

Logo of Innovation Women

Innovation Women

An online speakers bureau for technical and entrepreneurial women

Logo of Mozilla Tech CFPs

Mozilla Tech CFPs

Bot that tweets timely reminders of tech conference call for proposals deadlines.

Logo of Outspoken Women

Outspoken Women

Outspoken Women is a resource for women and non-binary individuals in the open source tech industry by providing them with support, mentorship programs and financial scholarships to speak at events seeking underrepresented speakers and attendees.

Logo of PHP CFPs


Tweeting regular reminders about open Call For Papers for PHP related conferences.

Logo of PaperCall


The easy way to manage your call for papers

Logo of We Speak Too

We Speak Too

Narrowing the speaker gender gap by connecting women + nonbinary individuals in tech to event organizers

Logo of Women and Color

Women and Color

Women and Color is an online community of subject matter experts who identify as women and/or people of color.

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