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Community speaking opportunities and speaking opportunities that cover travel and accommodation.

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Logo of DragonPy


Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
April 18th - April 19th
Deadline: January 30th

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A Python conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, taking place on April 18 & 19, 2020. Followed by three days of sprints.

Speaker Benefits

  • Free ticket to DragonPy 2020
  • A recording of your talk (if you want)
  • Speaker training program - 1 on 1 calls and (hopefully) a speaker workshop
  • A great way to expand your technical, professional, and personal networks
  • Financial aid to cover travel costs (we have a limited budget, but we will try to help as much as we can)

Logo of RailsConf


Portland, OR
May 5th - May 7th
Deadline: February 14th

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The largest official gathering of the year, RailsConf brings together top talent, companies, and project representatives from around the world.

Speaker Benefits If your session is selected for inclusion in our program, you receive:

  • Free admission to the conference (for up to two speakers).
  • A $500 USD travel reimbursement honorarium, sent to you post-RailsConf. Note: for sessions with more than one speaker, this honorarium is to be split among all participants, at the speakers' discretion
  • The opportunity to be paired with a speaker mentor before the conference to help you with talk prep. Mentors are granted upon request, but highly recommended, especially for new speakers.

We reserve ticket space for folks whose talks are not accepted, so you can wait on buying a ticket until you hear about the status of your talk.

Logo of Web Rebels Conference 2020

Web Rebels Conference 2020

Oslo, Norway
May 14th - May 15th
Deadline: February 2nd

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Web Rebels is a JavaScript and Web development conference. Out focus is new ideas and concepts that push the boundaries of the JavaScript language, the Web and our community.

Speaker Benefits Travel and accommodation are covered.

Logo of Balkan Ruby

Balkan Ruby

Sofia, Bulgaria
May 15th - May 16th
Deadline: February 1st

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Balkan Ruby is a conference, dedicated to Ruby and satellite technologies. We aim to introduce the local communities to each other and invite companies and developers from all over Europe to visit the Balkan region, learn new technologies and share ideas with us.

Speaker Benefits

We believe that no speaker should cover any speaking expenses. We cover the hotel and plane tickets for the event for every speaker, not just famous or invited ones.*

We may ask if your employer can cover your expenses in exchange for a "Thank You" on our sponsors' page. If your employer can't cover your expenses, we will.

Logo of Twilio Signal

Twilio Signal

San Francisco, CA
May 20th - May 21st
Deadline: January 31st

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Join 5,000+ developers, business leaders, enterprises, and startups at SIGNAL. Unlock the power of a single communications platform to engage with your customers anywhere, on any channel.

Speaker Benefits

  • All speakers get a full-access ticket to SIGNAL, featuring keynotes, dynamic content sessions, and an invitation to our $bash celebration.
  • If your employer is unable to pay for your travel, we’ll put you in touch with a travel agent to help arrange your flight and hotel accommodations. Please be mindful that we like to reserve our travel budget for folks who wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to speak, so don’t let travel keep you from sharing your impactful story with developers and/or business leaders.

Logo of Women in Analytics Conference

Women in Analytics Conference

Columbus, OH
June 3rd - June 5th
Deadline: February 29th

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Our mission is to provide visibility to the women making an impact in the analytics space and provide a platform for women to lead the conversations around the advancements of analytical research, development, and applications.

Speaker Benefits

  • Fully covered travel and accommodations
  • Complimentary speaker coaching sessions
  • Full conference pass
  • Exclusive speaker dinner to connect with other speakers
  • Access to private speaker lounge throughout the event
  • Professional video recording of talk

Logo of CPPP


Paris, France
June 22nd - June 23rd
Deadline: February 29th

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An international C++ conference in the heart of Paris

Speaker Benefits

If you are selected to be a speaker, we will cover the price of the ticket for you. We will also give you one additional ticket if you want to come accompanied (said ticket should not be resold).

It is very important for us that anybody who could give a good talk will not be prevented for financial reason, which is why we can help any selected speaker by covering the cost of the transportation and hotel.

The hotel reservation will be handled by us. For the transportation, depending on your location, we will give you a maximum expected budget that covers an economy class flight or a train ticket for French speakers and will reimburse you. If you need something different for any reason, please contact us once selected and we will discuss it on a case-by-case basis.

CPPP is organized by a non-profit organization in a very expensive city, so any speaker who can have their cost covered by their company is invited to do that instead. A company paying for its speaker transportation and accommodation can automatically be listed as bronze sponsor.

Logo of JSConf Budapest

JSConf Budapest

September 24th - September 25th
Deadline: February 29th

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We aim to be the JSConf of the region around Eastern-Middle Europe, an area so diverse in culture, people and views. A strictly nonprofit, open-sourced and community driven conference for the community of JavaScript, with the purpose to build and educate about new technologies, ideas and culture.

Speaker Benefits

If you get selected as a speaker at JSConf Budapest, here’s what we provide:

  • Your travel to Budapest covered.
    We literally buy your plane or train ticket, plus your airport transfer, and travel around the city. If you wish, you can arrange your travels, and invoice us later - we are happy to assist with booking your itinerary, but if you wish to book yourself then invoice us later, that's also possible within reasonable price ranges.

  • Your stay in Budapest covered + and extra weekend to explore our city
    In a great hotel near the venue (including free WiFi) for the days of the conference, a day before, and the weekend after (i.e. Sept 28th-29th). If you want to stay longer, we can arrange things, just let us know, but you may have to cover extra nights, though.

  • Entrance to the conference
    We probably won’t be done with the speaker selections by the end of the ticket sales, so if you want to make sure you can attend, just drop a mail to us and we will reserve a ticket for you (just don't mention anything related your talk in that mail please). If you get selected to speak and if you need to, we can refund your ticket, or you can transfer it to anyone you like.

  • You can bring your family
    You can bring your significant other, bring your kid(s), they'll stay with you at the hotel. If you need child-care to be sorted out for the time of the conference, please also get in touch. We are here to make this as easy for you as possible!

If your employer can cover your travel and hotel, we are happy to list them as an awesome company sponsor. The money we save will be used to make the conference more fabulous.

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