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We run a virtual primary care clinic to help more people across the US access the health care they deserve.


In this role you will:

  • Have a huge impact in the early stages of a consumer product
  • Work across our tech stack to deliver high-leverage features into the hands of real users
  • Write and review code and design documents
  • Work with a diverse multi-disciplinary team that includes software engineers, machine learning researchers, physicians, product managers, and UX researchers
  • Help build a high-performance and inclusive work environment


  1. Initial introductory call to meet your future manager
  2. Two tech screen calls. We use CodeSignal for these and try to avoid whiteboard style problems in favor of role related coding. If you prefer, you can request a take home assignment instead.
  3. A full loop consisting of about three calls to meet cross functional partners and other teammates at the company.
  4. Offer!


Inclusion is about ensuring that everyone on the team finds a sense of belonging. While we are a small company, we are proud of our onboarding documentation and mentorship program. Making sure every new hire has an assigned mentor is one area we've focused to make sure each person who joins the team feels supported.

Making our company a safe space for all employees is really difficult! Drawing back to a line from our statement of ethical commitment: Above all, while we will never be perfect, we seek to foster a deeply thoughtful and conscientious organization that confronts difficult issues and asks the right questions. As a company we have a weekly all-hands on Friday, which includes Q&A with our CEO. Many Fridays lead to thoughtful conversations around our values, culture, benefits and the language we use to interact with each other. These conversations help foster an inclusive and conscientious culture, and importantly often lead to tangible action items. One recent action item we took within engineering was renaming master to main, as well as discontinuing our use of blacklist/whitelist terminology.

In the words of our CEO, "Creating space and opportunity means making a concerted effort from the top down to help build a more inclusive organization. We're a company that is trying to build a more equitable healthcare future, and to do that we're going to need an organization with broad representation. We have to build an organization for everyone and that starts with a conscious effort to recruit, retain, develop, and create space for everyone to be successful in our org."

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