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Tomorrow's Skills, Today.

Our mission is to create the most accessible and effective career pathways to jobs in the modern economy. We aim to ensure that all jobseekers can gain the skills to access good jobs (defined as full-time employment opportunities with multiple career paths and annual salaries of at least $50k) in the modern economy.


Why this role?

Build a platform that has a meaningful impact. Education is an uneven playing field and higher education fails many of the people who need it most. Pathstream teaches practical, employable skills to adult learners to get them their first $50K/year job. This is only possible with cutting edge software leveraging thoughtful, talented human instructors.

Have an outsize impact which extends to the broader org. Your role will impact not only your team, but other teams and departments. You will help design, build, and maintain the systems that anticipate and deliver on the needs of all stakeholders: our students, our curriculum development team, our instructors, and our operations staff.

Accelerate engineering. This role will be uniquely positioned to elevate an already high-performing engineering team by lending experience and perspective in a psychologically safe environment. Through mentorship and technical leadership you will improve individual and team growth as a core part of your output.

Grow with a team that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. Equity and inclusion are prerequisites for healthy decision making. At Pathstream, issues of diversity and justice aren't external social questions or touchy-feely extracurriculars – we know that the only place to do amazing work is on a level playing field. This is why fairness, transparent decision making, transparent policies, and a culture of revisiting and interrogating our own perspectives is a core part of how we do software engineering.

What will you do as a Staff Engineer at Pathstream?

  • Help build the technology that creates a more equitable path to upward mobility
  • Iterate on and help streamline engineering process within and beyond engineering
  • Support your engineering teammates through hands-on mentorship
  • Collaboratively design work that minimizes technical debt and increases team efficiency
  • Share your knowledge with your team by demonstrating and documenting technical leadership
  • Help shepherd the engineering team to stronger technical foundations

You might be a good fit if you have some of the following:

  • Very high proficiency in at least one of: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, or Python
  • Very high proficiency with cloud providers such as: AWS, GCP, or Azure
  • Previous experience taking prototypical technical work and elevating it to a production-ready state in a short amount of time
  • Previous experience successfully driving technical decisioning across teams and departments
  • A love for building data intensive systems that scale
  • A proclivity for hard problems and excitement for collaboratively building solutions with a cross-functional team
  • A strong desire to work in high-trust environments that move quickly

Company Mission

Give people the path to a good career.

We have teachers who support classes of students and our online learning platform combines text, video, and interactive hands-on labs. Our courses teach advanced concepts like Tableau, Data Analytics, and Unity to students who are new to these skills.


About Engineering

We believe in working collaboratively, doing work at very high quality and centering our own professional growth in the work. We hire people who have additive strengths. It's okay to be bad at lots of things as long as somebody else on the team is good at them.

We don't ask algorithm interview questions. We do ask questions that relate to the job.

This is a full-time position which can be remote or based at Pathstream’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco, CA once it is safe to return to in-person work. The team includes people all over the globe – including Palestine and Brazil – so it doesn't matter where you are so long as you can be available for work meetings between  9:30am and 1:00pm PST

We test strengths, not weaknesses. We're all very weak in many ways and that's okay as long as someone on our team is strong in those ways.

Our interview panels test for skills (reflexive ability developed through practice) and knowledge (domain understanding developed through experience), with two interview sessions for each. The full process requires four steps:

  1. Candidate fills out skills assessment sheet with their self-reported strengths
  2. Hiring manager creates an interview panel that tests for the areas of strength
  3. Hiring manager sends the candidate all of the questions they'll be asked in detail
  4. Interviewers support the candidate in the interview in an attempt to verify those strengths


Imagine building the technology that provides a path to upward mobility for underserved folks. Pathstream is an online learning platform that materially helps people improve their careers and feed their families. As software engineers, we have incredible leverage, but all too often our roles don't provide opportunities to apply this in such a measurably impactful way. Where others have shied away from the challenges of tackling social inequities we've made it the center of our work and culture.We consider DE&I a core part of the work we do.  We are looking to hire those who also strive to identify biases (from misogyny, racism, and/or other sources) and help to correct them.Check out this tweet from our VP of Engineering

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