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emoji of a pushpinRemote - North American timezones (Eastern-Alaska)emoji of a clockThu Oct 01 2020
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OddBird is looking for a Project Manager to join the team.

We’re Looking for Someone Who:

  • Has knowledge of the web design and development process

  • Can manage multiple projects simultaneously

  • Will help plan, monitor, and facilitate projects on time and within budget

  • Is an excellent verbal and written communicator

  • Is not tied to a single methodology, but can help guide the team in finding & implementing processes that work for us

  • Is located in a continental North America timezone (Eastern-Alaska)


  • Take ownership over internal and client meetings:

    • Provide an agenda and status updates
    • Host demo meetings
    • Set expectations
    • Manage scope
    • Review completed, in progress, and upcoming items
  • Prioritize tasks:

    • Assign current sprint based on client’s goals and team availability
    • Set milestones
  • Identify potential risks and work to avoid project blockers

  • Monitor project timelines and budgets

  • Ensure team is clear on what to work on and when it is due

At OddBird, We:

  • Are a small team (you’ll be #7)

  • Enjoy working collaboratively on complex problems

  • Collectively set the vision & direction of the company: how we work, who we work for, and how we manage resources

  • Pay ourselves a competitive hourly rate, equally across the entire team, with total transparency

  • Are free to take on tasks and explore roles beyond the initial job posting (if you have other skills & interests, we want to know about them!)

  • All contribute to writing and reviewing documentation

  • Give and receive design critiques and code reviews as collaborators

  • Have lives & interests outside of work

  • Set our own hours, and work remote

  • Listen to users, and enjoy having our assumptions challenged/tested

  • Care about diversity in the tech community

  • Care about the accessibility of our projects

  • Are engaged in the software community – writing articles, sharing tools, and giving talks


Both our external and internal rates (what we charge clients, and what we pay ourselves) are set collaboratively as a team, and change over time.

This isn’t a cubicle job with dental, a 401k, and paid vacation. We’re also not a start-up expecting you to work nights and weekends towards future equity. This is a contract job with long term potential, a good hourly rate, a collective vision, and a lot of flexibility. We work together to find clients, and we work together to build them the best tools we can. When there’s work to be done, we all do what we can, and we get paid for our time.

We’re looking for 10 to 20 billable hours per week to start, with potential for more. (Contract hours & rates don’t map cleanly to a 40hr work week. Our most active members rarely bill more than 30 hours.)

What is your Interview process like?

Expect two rounds – first with a few of the team members, then with the full team. Both will be open discussion about web development process. We want a sense of your familiarity with web tech & project management, but no coding experience is required, and there will not be any tests.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

We hope to continue learning and improving, holding ourselves to higher standards, and having difficult conversations when necessary.

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