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We help schools (under our FACTS brand), churches (under our aware3 & CFT brands), & nonprofits engage and grow their communities through text, web, & branded apps.


Nelnet Community Engagement (NCE) is seeking a JavaScript Software Engineer to join our engineering team. We are currently seeking a developer with 2+ years of experience to act as a mid-senior level engineer on a diverse team of both front- and back-end developers.

At NCE, we believe in the power of community-minded organizations. We help those organizations grow their impact by making it easy to engage anytime, anywhere. Our mobile-led strategy includes customized mobile apps, communication, online giving, and online learning. We help schools (under our FACTS brand), churches (under our aware3 & CFT brands), & nonprofits engage and grow their communities through text, web, & branded apps.

This position is full-time and is inherently fully remote (but if you’re near one of our hubs in Kansas City, Denver, Fort Worth, Lincoln, or Providence and would like to come into an office some days, that's cool too).


  • We value collaboration. That's often shown through pair programming, mentoring juniors & interns, engaging in healthy PR dialogue, defined OpenAPI specs, ongoing learning presentations, as well as just being a supportive & vulnerable human being.
  • We value iteration. MVPs. Small tickets. Small PRs. v2's. All documents are living documents.
  • We value automated testing. Our CI/CD pipeline is testing around the clock and deploying regularly. Many of us do TDD as well.
  • We value a balanced mix of work. We routinely pay down tech debt. We write internal documentation. We improve tooling. We help educate our teammates.
  • You can read more about our values over on the company About Us page (
  • Recent culture survey response quotes: "I love that I can bring my authentic self to work. Thank you for creating that space.", "Thanks for actively checking in to make sure we are healthy (mentally and physically) during covid and pushing for policies that are inclusive."



  • Understanding of Human-Centered Design and a drive for UX excellence.
  • Knowledge, ability, and especially willingness to write automated testing.
  • Familiarity with PHP.
  • Familiarity with bash, Docker, AWS ECS, and CodePipeline.
  • Experience with Kanban or Scrum.


  • Consistently implement solutions by writing concise, efficient, testable code.
  • Responsible for code written, including writing tests and patching bugs.
  • Explore requirements and recommend solutions to achieve those needs.
  • Support teammates and end users with code fixes and day-to-day interactions.
  • Focus on continuous improvement and regularly delivering value to production.
  • Help us continue to update our codebase, paying down TechDebt, modernizing the dark corners.

Our Tools & Technologies

  • Front End: Vue, Knockout, Webpack, Grunt. Karma, Mocha, Chai, Visual Regression Testing, pa11y.
  • Back End: PHP (Laravel and Slim), MySQL, Caching, Queues, Events, & more.
  • DevOps: AWS (ECS, Aurora, Elasticache, Route53, & more), Terraform.
  • QA: Codeception, PHPunit, Chromedriver, Appium.
  • Mobile: Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C, Java.
  • Misc: Bash, Docker, GitHub Actions, Twilio, Sendgrid, Firebase, and more. We embrace new tech and best practices frequently.


  • Apply
  • Code sample request
  • Chat with hiring manager (60 minutes)
  • Skills interview with a panel (60 minutes)
  • Come help our clients engage and grow their communities


We believe that diversity contributes to a broader collective perspective that will lead to a better company and better products. We seek to continue our diversity journey and we actively encourage everyone (yes, you!) to consider becoming a part of the team. Our 56 person Impact Platform team is presently: 43% women, 29% POC, 7% LGBT+, 5% veteran, and 20% neurodiverse. 79% of our team falls into at least one of these categories. We want to be a place everyone can belong and thrive.

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