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Censys was started as a research project at the University of Michigan by the creators of ZMap and inventors of fast Internet-wide scanning. Today, Censys, Inc. is led by a team of industry and academic security and networking leaders, and provides both best-in-class Internet data and Attack Surface Management.


We’re looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to join our engineering team. You’ll be working on building, deploying and scaling the services that power our data pipeline and customer-facing applications. Censys processes terabytes of data about networks each day, and you’ll be key to ensuring we can effectively leverage it in our products. You’ll be directly responsible for helping us in our ultimate mission to help customers understand their exposure and vulnerabilities leveraging the most trusted data in security.

We expect all of our employees to consider customer happiness as our primary goal and a willingness to come to work everyday with a great attitude, both eager to learn and educate, which helps to make us a better organization every day.

Skills or Experience You Have:

  • You enjoy building software, not just monitoring clusters and cloud services.
  • 2+ years experience building and deploying services, preferably that power data pipelines or external-facing applications .
  • You’ve deployed applications on Kubernetes in production, and understand how to automate a build-test-deploy cycle around Kubernetes.
  • You hate clicking buttons in web consoles: You’re familiar with infrastructure-as-code technologies like Terraform or Ansible.
  • You’re motivated to build health checks and monitoring into everything you do, and have experience with time-series monitoring solutions, such as Prometheus, Grafana, or InfluxDB.
  • You are willing to participate in a shared on-call rotation.
  • You can work with your teammates to design, build, and deploy maintainable and scalable microservices.
  • You’re willing to pair up with anybody to solve problems, with an eye towards developer experience and delivery.

Censys ingests millions of certificates and billions of network handshakes daily, and exposes this data to customers to help them secure their organization by understanding their network attack surface. We’re a true startup with midwestern roots and brilliant academia-backed founding team. We’re looking for high-energy, action-oriented people who are interested in helping build a product and culture that we’re proud of for years to come.

We are headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but open to hiring this person to be located 100% remote.

We value diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Censys is an equal opportunity employer.


Our Interview Process

We believe every candidate should be interviewed fairly and consistently across the company. We also respect your time and understand that you may be trying to balance real life with job interviews. If you’re a candidate with us, here’s what to expect as you make your way through our interview process:

Application Review

This stage is for the hiring team to review your background, skills, and experience. This is typically a resume review, where we check to ensure you meet most or all of the qualifications of the position. We also note if you have any interesting skills or experience that could be invaluable to our team.

Recruiter Screen

This is typically a 30-minute phone call to actually chat and get an introduction to the person behind the resume. Some are shorter, others can be an hour! It depends on how many questions the recruiter (and you) have. We’ll cover your experience in detail and seek to understand your goals and what excites you.. We ask that you do your research on our company, our values, our product, and bring questions! We may also cover compensation expectations, relocation, if necessary, and other related topics.

Hiring Manager Screen

This stage is usually around a 30-45 minute phone or video call between you and the hiring manager (typically the person you would report to) to discuss the role in more details. If you’ve applied for a technical role, this stage is where you can show off your technical skills. Bring examples of projects you’ve worked on and skills you’ve picked up in your career.

Job Exercise

This stage is particularly for our more technical roles (typically within our product or engineering departments) and is meant to validate your skills in practical application. We’ll send over an exercise of some sort related to the role you’re applying for (a coding exercise or sales presentation, for example). We love questions in this phase! This isn’t a pass/fail exercise, but a way for us to better understand your skills and your unique approach.

Team Interviews

For us, we feel like this is actually a mutual interview. We are pretty certain you’re a great candidate and you’re in the final stages in making a decision on whether or not Censys is the right step for you in your career. You may interview with 2-3 people at once or in one-on-ones... Be yourself! Dress comfortably.


After we wrap, the team you met with will come together and review your experience and skills and any exercises you’ve done and try to make a hiring decision. Usually, this happens within a couple days after your team interview.


If the team decides we want you on the team, you’ll work closely with your recruiter on putting together an offer that everyone is comfortable with.

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