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emoji of a money mouthSan Francisco, CA, but also open to Remoteemoji of a pushpin$120k – $160k, plus up to 0.5% equityemoji of an envelopeanand@mysteryscience.comemoji of a clockThu Oct 31 2019
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The Role (YC ’17) has created the fastest growing science curriculum in the United States. We're already regularly used by teachers in more than 20% of elementary schools in the country. We're creating more problem solvers through inspiring children to love science.

This is a rare opportunity to join an early-stage company that is improving the world, receives unsolicited “thank you” notes from its users every day for making their lives better, and is already profitable.

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our Growth team. The Growth Team is responsible for coming up with new ways to get teachers to sign up for and teach on our platform. In this role, you’ll be responsible for coming up with ideas that could grow our product, implementing them, and evaluating the impact.

Can you look at a funnel and figure out the most important parts to fix?

Are you comfortable writing code you’ll throw away later in order to quickly ship an experiment?

Do you love coming up with lots of creative ideas to solve problems?

Day-to-day In this role you’ll report to our Director of Growth, Huey Kwik. You’ll work closely with him, our whole product team, and our CEO—we are very collaborative in our product experimenting and analysis. Our team’s experience with growth and data comes from Facebook and Google, with many years of experience optimizing conversion funnels. Help us create more problem solvers by bringing a better science education to 25 million kids.

Engineers have a seat at the table for all decisions in the company. You’ll work alongside a strong engineering team that obsesses over customer feedback and is constantly iterating to improve based on what we hear. We release multiple updates to our website every day and implement new features days after conceiving of them. Our current stack is postgres-heroku-rails.

We are headquartered in San Francisco, but this position is open to both local and remote candidates.

Package & Perks If you’re looking for the basics:

  • $4M in funding from leading education investors (and we’re already profitable)
  • Competitive salary
  • Equity in a high-growth company
  • 401K, health care, vacation
  • Customers who love us

…but the real perks of working at are the quality of the people on your team and the problem we’re solving. Those things are what bring us to work every day.

About We started to create better explanations for every question children have about the world. We began with the 150 most common science questions that children ask teachers. We call this collection Mystery Science. Last year, more than 4 million children used Mystery Science in 50% of U.S. elementary schools.

We’re now moving on to all the other questions children have that they’ll never learn in school. In the last 18 months we received over 500,000 questions from children eager for better explanations of the world. Now we’re creating video explanations for every question. You can think of this like a visual Wikipedia for kids.

Our goal is to create a generation of better thinkers. We think this is the most important problem to solve in the world today. was started by two long-time friends, Doug Peltz and Keith Schacht. Doug was a master classroom teacher, a science department head, and the creator of an original science curriculum that made science the most popular subject at his school. Keith Schacht, our CEO, has started and sold three technology companies, was a product manager at Facebook, and a TED speaker. We’re backed by a great group of investors including Y Combinator, Learn Capital, and Reach Capital.

Meet The Team On your first day at, you’ll meet a team of people who are passionate about science and teaching, and who each love their respective crafts. Our co-founder, Doug Peltz, began by assembling the best science explainers in the world from the Exploratorium, Klutz, LePort Schools, Stanford, and The Field Museum. Our focus on people extends to every area of the company. We’re building the team that we want to work with.

We are a product-driven company. The core of what we do is create an incredible product that our customers love. We test every science activity, observe every explanation with children, and talk with teachers constantly. We take our responsibility to envision the future of learning very seriously and we want to bring the best science education to every child in the world. This is an opportunity to join a startup and transform science education for the next generation of children.

Inspired? If you’re an experienced Software Engineer with deep experience helping grow products and want to be an early member of our Growth Team, let’s talk.

What is your Interview process like?

Phone interview, followed by a working session, a written application and an on-site interview.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

At we are focused on building a team that is welcoming to a wide range of people and working styles, and we think broadly about what this means. One of our core values is to be welcoming. For us, diversity comes in many forms and we think it’s important to create an environment that welcomes people of all backgrounds, experiences, and interests. For example, it’s easy for a young company to unintentionally be challenging to employees who are balancing work and being a new parent. It’s also easy for companies that have a mixture of in-office local and remote team members (like us) to unintentionally make remote team members feel like they’re not on equal footing. We work hard to create an environment that makes all team members feel fully welcome and included. For us, building a welcoming environment means everything from having bi-annual offsites to our Work-from-Home Wednesdays. In addition, we also regularly think about identifying gaps in skills and perspective on our team and crafting new job openings that expand the capabilities of our teams.

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