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As a Software Engineer, you will:

  • Contribute to all parts of our stack, from web and mobile to our distributed service, queuing, and data layers

  • Maintain and scale our massive pipeline of streaming device, energy, and weather data

  • Build the advanced grid services that utilities need to evolve the grid to 100% renewable energy

  • Work with device manufacturers to integrate even more devices into our platform and support new hardware APIs

  • Collaborate with the analytics team to scale our thermal modeling, device control, and energy efficiency algorithms and incorporate them into new platform features

  • Contribute to our team culture and inclusive workplace environment

Candidate Skills/Qualifications:

  • Professional software development experience, preferably in a small to medium-sized team

  • Java experience (preferably Java 11), or a strong desire to learn it is required; other programming interests and technologies are encouraged!

  • Experience with at least one scripting language (we use Python)

Nice to have:

  • Information security experience: PKI, TLS, OAuth, SSO, penetration testing, etc.

  • Front end expertise in web (HTML/CSS/React), Android or iOS

  • Experience using modern development tools and processes (automated testing, continuous integration, code review, version control, etc)

  • Database and data processing pipeline experience (we work with RabbitMQ, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, and S3)

  • Cloud administration experience (preferably AWS + Linux), including instance, networking and security management

  • Experience monitoring and operating web services

Why work for EnergyHub?

  • Collaborate with outstanding people: Our employees work hard, do great work, and enjoy collaborating and learning from each other.

  • Make an immediate impact: New employees can expect to be given real responsibility for bringing new technologies to the marketplace. You are empowered to perform as soon as you join the team!

  • Gain well rounded experience: EnergyHub offers a diverse and dynamic environment where you will get the chance to work directly with executives and develop expertise across multiple areas of the business.

  • Work with the latest technologies: You’ll gain exposure to a broad spectrum of IoT, SaaS and machine learning challenges, including distributed fault-tolerance, device control optimization, and process modeling to support scalable interaction with disparate downstream APIs.

  • Be part of something important: Help create the future of how energy is produced and consumed. Make a positive impact on our climate.

  • Focus on fun: EnergyHub places high value on our team culture. Happy hours and holiday parties are important to us, but what’s also important is how our employees feel every single day.

Company Information

EnergyHub is a growing enterprise software company that works with the most forward-thinking companies in smart energy. Our platform lets consumers turn their smart thermostats, electric cars, water heaters, and other products into virtual power plants that keep the grid stable and enable higher penetration of solar and wind power. We work on technology that already provides energy and cost savings to millions of people through partnerships with the leading companies in the Internet of Things.

Company Benefits

EnergyHub offers a generous benefits package including 100% paid medical for employees and a 401(k) with employer match. We offer a casual environment, the flexibility to set your own schedule, a fully stocked fridge and pantry, free Citi Bike membership, secure bike rack, gym subsidy, paid parental leave, and an education assistance program.

What is your Interview process like?

  • Step 1 - Initial 15-20 minute phone screen with recruiter to determine ideal next step from the candidate's perspective and to understand more about candidate's background, will also cover salary requirements in this step
  • Step 2 - 30 minute tech screen with two engineering team members to go in-depth on technical background, languages, projects
  • Step 3 - Either a coding exercise (we give candidates a week to complete in whatever language they prefer, it takes 4 hours on average) or a 60 minute tech screen with live coding exercise
  • Step 4 - Onsite interview, about a half day with three technical interview, one product interview, lunch, conversation with our President

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

EnergyHub relies on the breadth of lived experiences of our staff to build better software and services for electric grid. To minimize bias in our hiring process we observe practices such as actively recruiting minoritized candidates, anonymizing code samples, pairing for interviews, following written interview questions and rubrics and iterating on our processes to improve over time. We know that hiring addresses only the first step in building coherent heterogeneity in the team. To ensure we are fairly allocating stretch opportunities and promotions, we monitor our compensation ratio relative to headcount, provide written job descriptions for each stage of career growth and specify inclusion responsibilities at all senior technical job levels.

Diverse candidates should consider us if they're interested in helping to create the future of how energy is produced and consumed. You'll have an opportunity to make a positive impact on our climate. You'll gain exposure to a broad spectrum of the latest technology, including IoT devices, SaaS platform approaches and smart energy technologies. You'll collaborate with outstanding people - folks who enjoy working alongside others who are smart, collaborative and focused on solving problems that have never been tackled before. We're also nice people.

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