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We are hiring Software Engineers to support the ongoing development and maintenance of and other DEV associated apps. This is a good opportunity for anyone who enjoys contributing to open source and collaborating with community contributors.

We value emotional intelligence and communication skills. We want to work with developers who want to build an inclusive software ecosystem as badly as we do.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Fullstack web development with Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, etc.

  • Help the core DEV team improve our development process and instill best practices

  • Collaborate cross-functionally with team members, DEV community members and open source contributors to achieve elegant solutions

Skills we’d like to see

  • At ease delivering on multiple competing priorities with little supervision
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools (Git) Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Motivated, self starter who enjoys working independently but can collaborate with other team members when needed

What is your Interview process like?

We understand that many companies have uncommunicative and time intensive application processes. At DEV, we strive for transparency and to move quickly. We have a three-stage hiring process for all candidates:

Stage 1: Apply Each role will have a short questionnaire as part of the application, along with a deadline. We inform all candidates on whether or not they will move to the next stage within two weeks of the application deadline. Please do not spend over an hour on this initial application.

Stage 2: Job-specific Questionnaire and/or Task Candidates will need to complete a questionnaire and/or task related to the role they are applying for. We will inform all candidates on whether or not they will move to the final stage within one week of the questionnaire/task deadline. Please do not spend over three hours on this stage.

Stage 3: Team Interview Final candidates will have one round of video interviews with 5-7 team members. Applicants will know which team members they’re speaking to ahead of time. Each interview will be 15-20 minutes each, with total interview time under two hours.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

The DEV Community thrives on diversity, and inclusion is our core tenant. We believe diversity is necessary for making good decisions and building a truly global community. We have inclusive policies, training, and a code of conduct driven by the interest in making all teammates feel welcome.

By demonstrating our values and getting involved in diverse communities from our very founding, we ensure we find candidates from all backgrounds. By having diverse interviewees and blind evaluation steps within our hiring process, we remove some of the bias that can plague software companies. We also thoroughly examine our interview process for elements that could be unduly disadvantageous for minoritized individuals who may apply.

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