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Particular Software builds a platform that powers mission-critical systems across a wide range of industries. The company is fully distributed, with team members working remotely from home offices all over the world. The legal headquarters are in Haifa, Israel. Our customers span many industries and range from the smallest startups to Global 2000 companies. The company was founded in 2010, under the name NServiceBus, the backbone product of the company, and began operating under the name Particular Software in 2013, to reflect the expansion of its product line into a broader platform.

The company continues to grow steadily in both team size and sales revenue. It boasts a dynamic virtual team culture that is communicative and responsive to customers as well as its internal needs.

Key Responsibilities

  • Participation across both Product and Business areas of the company

  • Code, documentation, infrastructure maintenance and enhancements

  • Customer Support and technical guidance

Skills and Qualifications

  • Experienced in technical areas such as testing, technical writing, business analysis, customer-facing activities, coding, etc.

  • Enjoys and excels at working collaboratively with colleagues and customers

  • Is interested in broadening into other areas of interest, as well as solidifying their technical skills

  • Feels they align well with the values listed below

  • Thrives in an environment that promotes continuous improvement in both processes and personal development

  • Communicates in English with fluency, both in writing and verbally

  • Has strong coding skills as a foundation. Experience with C#, .NET Core and/or messaging is a plus but is not mandatory

Why are coding skills listed last?

While it is important to have a solid understanding of software development, team members with technical skills do not spend the majority of their time coding. How their time is split depends on their areas of interest and where they can make the most impact. This allows a variety of opinions and perspectives to be considered when making decisions. In our experience, real potential (and success) gets unlocked when we reach outside our comfort zone.

Company Values

In Particular, we strive to live up to the following values with these behaviors:


  • Setting and changing priorities as the situation demands

  • Able and committed to taking tasks to completion, yet knowing when to ask for help

  • Willingly taking our share of the less fun/glamorous work

  • Openly providing timely status updates of our work to raise awareness


  • Actively collaborating with others towards achieving our mission, even at the cost of losing some personal productivity

  • Learning and trying new things, even outside of our specialty

  • Improving ourselves and helping others improve, by providing and soliciting feedback

  • Supporting our colleagues by reminding each other of our strengths and celebrating contributions


  • Giving the benefit of the doubt; assuming that everyone (customers, co-workers, and partners) has the best intentions with their actions

  • Being respectful to everyone

  • Communicating thoughts and feelings articulately, honestly, and in a timely manner, both online and offline, especially when we disagree or don't understand something

  • Approaching change with an open attitude of learning and patience

What is your Interview process like?

  • Step 1: Cultural complement interview
  • Step 2: Technical interview(s) - discuss a project of the candidate's or work through an existing technical problem or task
  • Step 3: Non-technical interview - work through an existing problem or task in a non-technical area of strategy
  • Step 4: Reference checks
  • Step 5: Discussion with the CEO

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

We are attempting to make the job postings more inclusive and posting them on boards more likely to reach a wider pool of candidates.

We recognize the importance of diversity and are striving to improve.

How to apply

Please email us at with your CV/Resume and mention Diversify Tech.

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