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HashiCorp is a fast-growing startup that solves development, operations, and security challenges in infrastructure so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks.

HashiCorp is a fast-growing startup that solves development, operations, and security challenges in infrastructure so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks. We build products to give organizations a consistent way to manage their move to cloud-based IT infrastructures for running their applications. Our products enable companies large and small to mix and match AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and other clouds as well as on-premises environments, easing their ability to deliver new applications for their business.

About the Role

The Digital team is a hybrid between a digital agency and a product company. We have many projects going on at any given time, and are frequently booting up new, greenfield projects. At the same time, we have plenty of important pieces of infrastructure to maintain, refactor, improve, and keep running smoothly. On top of that, we have a wide variety of work available between frontend, backend, testing, visual programming, and data engineering.

Our team believes that “working in the open” makes us all better. This means that we write down and collaborate on ideas before we start writing code (even if it’s just a few bullet points), that we embrace proofs of concept that communicate the core of an idea and that we start with the “ugly” version of something first to collect feedback. Iteration and progressive improvement makes our work adaptable, modular and ultimately better.

HashiCorp has eight products all with documentation sites, runs several global event sites, an education-focused app, and a community forum in addition to the primary company website. This means we have 12+ websites to maintain overall that are consistently being changed and improved. Part of your job will be working on these sites to make them the best they can be. All of these websites are built on top of next.js, and we have a react-based global component library / design system that we use to keep styling and code standards consistent across them all.

We are currently focused mostly on front-end development, but we do run several small nodejs-based backend services, and our website architecture is built to run any of our sites either as a static site or on-demand server, so it is important that our team members are familiar with nodejs-based server development. Because building quality, reliable services is important to us, all our services have integration tests and excellent test coverage. We also run a lot of tests across the entire range of what is possible to test with several web applications. From Jest unit tests to Cypress integration tests to Percy visual diff generation, our team really cares about having great test coverage across all our projects. We have plenty of error monitoring and dependency checking services running at all times.

Want to let your creative side free? We also frequently work on interactive graphics and animations to include a little extra sparkle on our pages, and to help demonstrate to users how HashiCorp's deeply technical solutions actually work. We frequently have complex animation work and close collaboration with designers in our queue.

Do you like building client-side apps? We lean heavily on React components both for consistency across our many web properties, as well as to build out interactive forms and small apps where needed. We're pretty deep into advanced react patterns, so there's plenty of great react development opportunities. We try to stay on the bleeding edge, and have already transitioned to using react hooks and suspense.

If software architecture gets you excited, we have plenty of that. This department is still very new, and we often get to work on greenfield projects, where one project lead can architect a new app, website, or service (or all three) from the ground up. There is also plenty of opportunity to work on existing large, complex projects. Whether it's adding new features, refactoring, or working on testing, there is lots of opportunity to take ownership over important pieces of how the company runs.

If you enjoy growing your skills by working on a large variety of different interesting tasks, you can absolutely do that here. We’ve got many different types of work and you get a say in what is compelling for you.

You May Be a Good Fit If You Have

  • Deep expertise and experience with React, as it is the core tenet of our architecture and design system.

  • Some familiarity with Next.js would be great, but isn’t a hard requirement.

  • Thorough experience with node.js and express, familiarity with HTTP and how web servers work.

  • Fluency with HTML, CSS, and client-side javascript.

  • Experience with CSS Modules is valuable but not required

  • Fluency with modern javascript standards - all our code is es6 and we are aggressive about adopting new features and standards

  • A good understanding of javascript bundling and performance (we use webpack and performance and accessibility are very important to us)

  • Understanding of and experience with both unit and integration testing

  • Ability to take on a project and complete it independently with minimal oversight, often working with others and/or mentoring junior developers

  • Comfort interacting/collaborating with and presenting for senior staff and managers. Consistently clear and professional communication abilities.

  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with non-technical stakeholders

  • Complete comfort reading others' code and learning new things. There will be a lot of new things to learn here regardless of your experience.

  • A team-based mentality. HashiCorp is growing fast and it is of the utmost importance in every technical decision made to first consider how it impacts both the current and future team.

  • A decent understanding of database design and both relational and nosql data modeling.

  • The ability to write clear and concise readmes and documentation, and to thoroughly explain your work both to other developers inside and outside marketing as well as non-technical staff.

HashiCorp embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We believe the more inclusive we are, the better our company will be.

What is your Interview process like?

Will be discussed - recruiter conversation, technical screen, technical take home, round of interviews.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

HashiCorp strives to create an environment of acceptance and to promote diversity and inclusiveness. Our D&I Principles stem directly from the broader HashiCorp Principles, and are an application of Integrity, Kindness, Pragmatism, and Reflection. Our principles are essential to our mission and organizational excellence.

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