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emoji of a pushpinDenver, COemoji of a money bag$116,000-$140,000

Custom software development company. We build everything from consumer-facing mobile apps to enterprise technologies.

About us:

Devetry is seeking to hire a senior software engineer to join our growing development team. This role’s primary responsibility is to contribute high quality, tested code in a collaborative environment with other team members and our clients. We emphasize a culture of teaching, learning, and inclusivity so that all team members can feel challenged, help others, and grow in their careers. We are looking for a senior level skillset to help lead the development of our team and client work.

We are intentionally tech-stack agnostic, working in most common languages and frameworks. For this specific position, multiple years of experience in Angular would be a bonus. For us, a strong desire to learn new things and grow as a developer and computer scientist is primary, and specific knowledge is secondary.

Applicants from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

Core Responsibilities

Collaborate with the team and our clients – Have a strong desire to work alongside and help lead your fellow humans to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. Everything we do is based around collaboration: with the Devetry team, with our clients’ teams, and with our community.

Contribute quality code – Care about writing quality code that will be a joy to maintain for years to come. We pride ourselves on leaving a codebase better than we found it. As consultants, we may not be the ones maintaining the code in the future, but someone will be, and we want that person to have a good time. Have knowledge and experience in backend technology like Node/Express, Ruby on Rails, Python/Flask/Django, etc., as well as an understanding of how to leverage source control tools (like git). Have knowledge and experience with front end frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.

Write tests – Not because you have to, but because you want to. A great test suite means we can all trust in the quality of what we’re delivering.

Learn new things – Being a software consultant is all about diving in to new problems and figuring them out. Have a desire to figure out new problems and learn new technologies all the time, often within an agile software environment. Have a desire to take initiative.

Communicate – Software engineering in any organization is about effectively communicating goals, plans, and challenges, and that’s even more the case for consultants. Have a strong desire and ability to communicate with our team and our clients’ team. Enjoy distilling technical information for a variety of roles within a business.

What is your Interview process like?

Our interview process starts with a hacker rank assessment that is used to assess how a problem is approached and provide flexibility on timing for completing this assessment.

From there, we have phone screen with a member of our team to uncover what you are looking for and if the role may be a good fit. We also seek to answer any questions you may have about the position or the company.

From there, we do a technical interview with a few members of our engineering team, collaborating to program together. After the technical interview, the last step is a discussion based interview with members of the leadership team where we continue to evaluate for role-specific qualifications and communication skills.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

Devetry is dedicated to improving the diversity of applicants, hires, and leadership. We are actively implementing initiatives that cultivate inclusion and diversity. Some of our past and current programs include:

  • Code Forward, a free software development training program

  • A hiring process that recognizes biases and works to neutralize them

  • Candidate rubrics that standardize skills/attributes

  • Company-wide unconscious bias training

  • Weekly office hours to increase knowledge sharing

  • Two days of paid professional development per team member, per year

  • A culture where communication and trust is prioritized and people are placed at the center

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