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emoji of a pushpinToronto, ON (Remote-friendly)$80,000-$120,000
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We're looking for someone to help build and support new features as we scale out the product and company. You will be primarily working with React, React Native, Node.js, and GraphQL.

This role is largely technical however you will be working with the rest of the team to ensure our clients receive the very best customer experience. This occasionally means working on the product roadmap or internal/external documentation.

We're looking for someone who is particularly interested in designing and creating systems within the constraints of a start-up.

Day-to-day you will be:

- Designing and implementing new features
- Estimating effort and timelines and working to define/refine product roadmap
- Building internal tooling
- Maintaining current codebase
- Writing effective code which is stable, secure, scalable, and efficient
- Taking part in mentorship activities

What is your Interview process like?

It is roughly 2 hours and is quite casual. The first portion we will ask them about their career and tell them about us/Jupiter. This may lead into a technical interview where you pair with the CTO and work through a short problem together.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

There's only four of us (in the company, not just the team), so candidates coming in now will be able to make huge impacts on the culture themselves without having to break down things already built. (We all just starting working together in Jan, but the two founders have been for about a year and a bit now)

We also work out of Toronto, which is known for its accepting diverse culture. Both the founders grew up in that environment so find it pretty normal to encounter people of different cultures/religious backgrounds/working backgrounds/lifestyles/etc.

The company is flex in terms of working hours & holidays so it can accommodate for a wide variety of lifestyle choices. The product is targeted mostly towards a lower income bracket + mainly female clients.
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