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CozyKin is changing childcare in the United States. CozyKin matches local families and arranges nanny shares that deliver the socialization and guided learning of a daycare and the personalized care of a private nanny—in the comfort and convenience of a family’s own home.

What is your Interview process like?

We start with a phone screen with our Head of Engineering. If remote, this will be followed by an assessment to demonstrate usage of our tech stack. Third step is final interview with our Head of Engineering and our Co-Founder/Head of Product.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

Right now we have a team of about 40 in our HQ. Approximately 18% of our workforce is of an ethnic minority and both of our Co-Founders are from minority groups. We have a women's ERG and will be building out an ERG for LGBTQIA+ by the end of this year.

Most importantly, we're solving a social issue that impacts everyone - childcare. If you care about kids, we want to hear from you! We have promoted 5 women into management positions in the past quarter. All employees are not only invited to the party but asked to dance - Everyone's feedback is heard. We have 1x1 check ins for all employees with our Head of People to ensure feedback loops up to the executive team.
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