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Our technology team is driven, opinionated, and committed to customer experience. We believe that writing code can be as expressive a form of communication as art itself.

We are greatly expanding our engineering team and seek engineers with a strong commitment to stability, quality, elegance, and getting things right. This is not a “go-to-your-cubicle” workplace but rather an environment with active cross-team communication and collaborative problem solving.

We are looking for a software engineer to join our world-class team of technologists. You will collaborate with the team on expanding our offering on our public website, our native apps as well as continuous integration tooling that makes us happy and efficient.

We are actively working on hiring people from different and diverse backgrounds, educational experiences, abilities/disabilities, etc. We are supportive of accommodations needed to interview and do your job the best of your ability!

What is your Interview process like?

1. Intro call - Getting to know you, baseline skillset, learn about the tech teams (QA, Engineering, Product, Design, etc.)
2. Tech Screener/chat in React - A code challenge and talking through the problem with our lead FE engineer. Mostly to see how your brain thinks rather than a code-skillset test.
3. Onsite, 3-4 hours, cross functional team chat, tech, lunch, etc. This will address all aspects of work, life, and the role.
4. Final talk with SVP of Eng - To make sure this is the right fit for candidate skillset, growth, and ambitions. We want to make sure we can fulfill our end of the deal when it comes to the employee life at TodayTix.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

We're thinking about the employee, team, and company in a holistic way. What are the underrepresented groups on a team and org level? If everyone is a potential customer, how can our company demographics reflect that? HR is doing a lot of targeted outreach, posting in locations that underrepped groups frequent, hosting events, speaking on D&I in tech and startups, using a metrics based approach with hiring.

Additional we have onsites, offsites, trainings, lunch and learns, happy hours, Employee Resource Groups, $200 per employee stipend for items that help them work (above and beyond laptop, mouse, keyboard, workstation items, etc)
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