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We're looking for a software engineer to work on the open-source Dask project. You will be able to build and maintain the open source Dask project and connections with surrounding projects.

This role will also ensure that Coiled customers are effective in their use of Dask to scale Python. You will interact with users (both community and clients), engage in team prioritization, and work to implement fixes and features to improve the experience and capabilities of the Python ecosystem, verifying that those fixes resolve user needs.

Ideally you be able to:

  • Write simple and well tested Python code
  • Understand the PyData and Scipy software stack of tools
  • Constructively review the code of others
  • Communicate online in a clear manner that demonstrates user empathy
  • Additionally one or more of the following specialties will help you stand out:
  • Understand networking, async-await concurrency, or have experience with complex stateful systems
  • Be familiar with performance optimization
  • Have experience training and deploying machine learning models
  • Communicating technical results to a broad audience


  1. Initial screen with Lead Dask Engineer 
  2. Offline technical exercise (e.g. GitHub issues, Stack Overflow questions)
  3. Follow-up deep dive on technical exercise
  4. Offer


Community and compassion are core values for us, coming from our roots in open-source. We're a tiny team and any under-represented folks will be involved in company decisions from the ground up.

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