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We're a small but mighty group of diverse, talented engineers. We value steady progress over “crushing it” and have a thoughtful, deliberate approach to hiring and culture.


We’re looking for a mid- to senior-level full stack Ruby on Rails and/or Javascript developer. Responsibilities include building new features for client projects, investigating client support requests, and maintaining existing systems via upgrades.

The ideal candidate would be comfortable wearing multiple hats, from development, to client communication and support, to devops, project planning, and database administration.

Employees are given a direction and then a lot of autonomy on how to get there, but the whole team is available as a sounding board and support for any tricky issues you run into along the way. Our team believes in following software best practices and finding a balance between writing quality code and delivering results efficiently.


Our interview process is 3 steps: phone screen, sample task, technical interview.

Our phone screen is where we talk about what the position is, a description of our company and benefits, and what the candidate is looking for to determine if it’s a good fit for them.

Second, we offer a take-home sample task where the candidate is asked to write some code to fulfill a short specification. We ask our candidates to use Ruby on Rails and to join us in a private Slack channel to ask clarifying questions as they have them. This task should not take more than a few hours spread over a few evenings. We are flexible with submission timing and won’t hold you to a strict deadline if things come up. Because we work with client companies, we are looking for candidates that are comfortable asking questions about often vague requirements, as well as how they follow through on the answers to those questions.

Third, we have a 1-hour technical interview with a senior partner, held over Zoom. All candidates who choose to complete the sample task are offered this step. We will ask some general software engineering questions followed by in-depth discussion of the sample task solution developed by the candidate. We cover topics including: design choices, possible extensions to the spec, and any issues that we flag in their implementation when reviewing it. 

We ask that candidates come to this video call with a camera and be prepared to screenshare and write code in response to some of the topics covered. We won’t ask you to build full features or hand-code algorithms, but we will expect you to tweak your sample task code in response to issues found and extensions proposed.

After the technical interview, we either offer or decline to offer a position, based on performance in the sample task and technical interview.


Unabridged fosters a collaborative, respectful environment. We view underrepresentation in tech as a result of cultural biases that have to be actively worked against in order to achieve equitable hiring practices. Our typical new client process involves a trial period before we make a long-term commitment to working together, so we can ensure that our people are part of healthy work environments even when in client settings. We provide flexibility as to the period of the day during which when work gets done, as long as progress is being made, and we have a strong culture of ensuring people are actually checked out of work outside working hours—we don’t expect instant Slack responses at all hours of the night, or for people to check email while they’re on vacation. Our minimum PTO policy (employees must take at least 15 days of PTO per year) helps remind us of the importance of taking time off and attending to self-care and non-work pursuits.

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