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Our goal— No more company fire drills! Allma aims to create a system for company scalability that removes teams’ typical anxiety and stress. Many of us have lived through non-stop fire drills at past companies and it was terrifying. Our goal is company growth that is unique, data-driven, and collaborative. We’ve started by bringing the whole company together to collaborate on their messy, developer workflows, natively in Slack.


Allma is hiring for Software Engineers across our stack and with a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. If any of these sound like you, we'd love to chat! You can click the link in each description to see further details about the role.

  • Frontend Engineer - You know Typescript and React, and are interested in building both Web UIs as well as Slack-native experiences.
  • Fullstack Engineer - You know Typescript, Go, and maybe even a little C#, and are comfortable building across the stack, including our Slack app.
  • Backend Engineer - You know Go, C# or Node with Typescript and are looking to build scalable, event-driven systems using containers and serverless technologies.
  • Infrastructure Engineer - You know Terraform, Monitoring and Observability practices, CI/CD pipelines, and love partnering with Engineers to help them build services using AWS-native offerings.
  • Integrations Engineer - You know Go, love APIs, SDKs and webhooks, and are motived by building systems that integrate seamlessly by leveraging schemas and contracts in an event-driven way.


  1. Introductory chat (20 minutes)
  1. Hiring manager technical interview (1 hour)
  1. Virtual onsite (~4 hours across 1 - 2 days)
  • Technical interview
  • Product interview
  • Presentation
  • CEO interview
  1. Reference check


At Allma, diversity and inclusion are core to who we are, what we value, and the impact we seek to have on technology. Allma is building a collaboration tool that serves the entire organization. Our commitment is to help everyone across the organization work through incidents together. Our team needs to accurately reflect the diversity of the people we are building for. Alongside this, our Operating Principles, particularly open-mindedness, empathy, and curiosity drive us to seek diverse perspectives to learn and evolve.

As we work to build a diverse and inclusive company (reflective of our customers and our principles), we actively partner with diverse talent pipelines for our recruiting, as well as ensure we proactively reach out to and engage underreprested groups in our recruiting practices. At Allma, we also hold ourselves accountable to working with partners— bankers, lawyers, accountants... — and have made a commitment that our partners have underepresented professionals on their team directly advising us.

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