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Osio Labs is looking for Node specialists to write tutorials on a variety of Node topics for our subscription website hey(node). This will be contractual work based on topical deliverables (e.g. per article, series, or course created). We are a fully distributed company so you will work from home (or wherever), set your own hours, and have scheduled online meetings with the team.

Tasks will include:

  • determining which topics to cover and the scope

  • outlining potential articles and/or courses

  • creating new tutorials in written format for our platform

You should be able to demonstrate your Node experience through at least one of the following channels: having written articles or created videos about the topic, delivered presentations at public events (meetups, conferences, etc.), or contributing to a community project related to the topic through code, documentation, issue queues, etc.

We are looking for people who not only have specific technical knowledge about a topic, but more importantly understand the space well enough to efficiently find answers to gaps in their knowledge. We don’t expect someone to know everything about a given topic, but you should be able to learn as you go, building on a solid foundation of existing knowledge. We’re also particularly interested in people who can show active engagement with an open source community, whatever form that may take, i.e. not just code. Previous teaching/training experience is preferred, but not required. You’ll be working with our experienced training team to develop your technical knowledge into learning materials.

We strongly encourage underrepresented minorities to apply. We are committed to having a diverse team and an inclusive environment. To learn more about us, you can read our employee handbook.

What is your Interview process like?

The interview is with the CEO and one of the team who work on the hey(node) site content. This will be a conversation explaining our needs and expectations, as well as about your interests and experience with Node topics and communicating that information through writing. We'll ask about your goals with this position and give you plenty of opportunity to ask us questions. Normally for contractor positions only 1 interview is required, although we may ask for a second interview with other members of the team.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

We have a full diversity and inclusion page in our public handbook that addresses this.

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