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Supergreat is a community of real beauty fans reviewing, shopping, and sharing tips about their favorite products.


Supergreat is a beauty community where everyone’s an expert on the products that work for them; a platform that makes it fun for beauty enthusiasts to discuss and create video reviews, share their beauty routines, and discover new products from people they relate to. You can find Supergreat in the App Store or on the web.

We're a fast-moving startup based in NYC, looking for a Senior Fullstack Engineer to lead the engineering efforts for and our other web systems. Although this engineer should be comfortable working across the stack, they'll be responsible for guiding frontend architectural practices and should have a solid foundation there. We're eager to work with a product-thinking engineer who enjoys collaborating with designers and product to build great user experiences. We also care about the performance and long-term maintainability of our codebases, and will look to you to set the right practices here.

Supergreat is a tight-knit team of 16 where people are excited about wearing multiple hats and tackling challenges they've never encountered before. We are backed by top investors including Benchmark, Thrive Capital, Third Kind, and angels including founders of Rent the Runway, Product Hunt, Thrive Market, and Tumblr.

In this role, you'll be responsible for:

  • Building features across API and web; our experience spans across social, e-commerce, and video / live-streaming, so there's a lot to build!
  • Guiding architectural decisions, creating engineering specs, and promoting quality coding practices across our systems.
  • Taking on a Tech Lead role to coordinate the efforts of other engineers on projects, and mentoring newer engineers on the team.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Has 5+ years fullstack engineering experience
  • Understands how to build scalable and maintainable systems, with a particular focus on frontend technologies
  • Has production experience with Node.js and/or Pythong
  • Has production experience with React
  • Focuses on the experience of users – their 'definition of done' means that their work solves the user's needs and feels great!

Projects you may work on in the next six months:

  • Build tools for our creators to encourage audience engagement and shopping in our live-streaming shows, like trivia and moderation.
  • Create a recommendation engine that personalizes feeds for users, experimenting with multiple signals (e.g.: viewing time, their personal traits) to quantifiably deliver the best videos and products
  • Setup a frontend architecture that maximizes the benefits of static-site generation and server-side rendering, so that we're able to deliver lightning-fast pages to users

Our technology:

  • React and Next.js for web
  • Node.js with TypeScript and Express for our API
  • Python for data science systems and data workflows
  • iOS app built in Swift, RxSwift
  • CI and deploys using Heroku, Vercel


1) An introductory call with the Head of Engineering.

2) A virtual onsite with four interviews:

  • A behavioral interview, focusing on a candidate's collaboration skills, challenges they've dealt with in their career, etc.
  • A coding exercise, where the candidate will work on changing functionality in a codebase to match a product spec. The exercise is 'open book' and is designed to be similar to day-to-day programming exercises an engineer would perform in the job.
  • An architecture interview, where we'll talk about a hypothetical site and some of the architectural decisions / trade-offs a candidate would make in building it.
  • An interview with our CEO.


Currently 42% of our team are people of color and 57% are women. In absolutes, we know these are small numbers on a small team of 19 full-time employees, and we're committed to improving internally through efforts such as diverse slates but also continuing to nurture our inclusive community through explicit inclusion goals for content creator and brand partnership programs.

For example, 4 out of 6 creators for one of our largest launches were women of color (two of them are black women) and regularly showcase Black-owned brands.

The global beauty industry is not only growing, but evolving - in large part due to the overdue need to be inclusive of skin tones, genders, and age.

At Supergreat, we aspire to be part of this change through how we operate and the community we build with special attention paid to marginalized groups.

We're a young company and we NEED to work with people who are fascinated by blending curation with technology, and building products for a truly safe, positive environment so our users are able to be themselves, see themselves, and be celebrated.

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