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Why HomeBinder?

After completing the accelerator program Techstars Boston this year and raising our seed round of investment, HomeBinder is looking to add a couple of full-time remote junior developers to our growing team of 7 employees.

You’ll be working alongside our product manager Riley, lead developer Gerlin, part-time UI designer/copywriter Abby, part-time junior developer Matt, and our overseas development team to build new features for our home management platform used by 300k+ homeowners and 1500+ paying transaction partners (home inspectors, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, etc).

This is an opportunity to develop your skills working in an active remote product team with a refined agile process that’s delivering peace of mind to 1 in 25 new home buyers in North America today. As a small team with lots to do, junior developers will be able to have a direct and valuable impact to our product and business on a weekly basis.

Day in the Life

As a remote junior developer at HomeBinder, you’ll start every weekday with a 30 minute product team standup call to communicate your weekly sprint progress. Then you’ll likely pop into our project management tool to review the 2-4 tasks assigned to you that week.

Based on the user stories, UI designs and completeness criteria, you’ll then turn to start work on what’s likely a front-end dev heavy feature improvement. After a few hours, you’ll probably transition to fixing a couple of small bug discoveries or writing automated tests for the code you’re working on that week.

Every other day, there will likely be another scheduled team call and throughout the day we’ll expect you to check into team conversations on Slack.


  • Develop well documented code that’s easy to understand by QA, lead engineers and future developers.

  • Ability to translate well-defined task requests into functioning feature improvements without needing much ongoing oversight after you’re fully up to speed.

  • Strong attention to detail so that your feature improvements meet the requirements outlined in your assigned task’s completeness criteria.

  • Ability to learn quickly as you join our team over the first few months, take guidance well from our lead developer, and ask appropriate questions to overcome unnecessary slowdowns.

  • Curiosity to anticipate edge cases or necessary interactions that were overlooked during the PM’s task planning.

  • Thoughtful participation on team calls through active listening, meeting preparation, understanding both what you’re working on and what you don’t understand, and by asking clear questions.

  • Clear communication through Slack on a daily basis is necessary for success in this role.

  • Be an enjoyable team member who understands that everyone is trying their best to build a successful product and team work environment.

  • Maintain 96%+ automated test code coverage for your feature improvements.


  • Entry-level developer with ~1 years worth of full-stack web development experience at an internship, college program, startup, bootcamp, self-taught, or freelancing.

  • Experience, exposure or interest to learn HTML, CSS, Angular, React, Ruby/Rails, PostgreSQL, Mandrill, Sidekiq, AWS.

  • Particular interest in front-end development, since the majority of your early tasks will be around implementing new UI/UX designs.

  • Full-time commitment, not currently looking for part-time work or internships

  • Experience in Agile/SCRUM development processes.

  • History of team work where listening skills, clear communication, empathy/EQ, willingness to ask for help and low egos have been highly valued.

  • Preferred candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science/related field, although not necessary.

  • Preferred experience as a remote employee, working from home, coworking space, or non-conventional work environment.

  • Preferably someone in the Eastern or Central timezones for ease of meeting scheduling, and ideally someone around Boston, Atlanta, DC or NYC.

  • Interest in growing your skillset and responsibilities at a rapidly growing team to guide new hires and work on more complex coding projects.

  • Ideally someone who cares deeply about their home life and has genuine interests, hobbies and activities outside of work and software development.

What efforts are we making in terms of increasing the diversity within your team and company?

We're being proactive about our candidate recruitment process by posting to targeted boards online to diversify our applicant pool. The vetting process for this role is being managed by our POC lead developer, who has also attempted to attend Black tech conferences to build ongoing relationships. Late stage interviews will also include the first woman to join our team full time.

Benefits & Perks

  • Remote/Work from Home
  • Ability to Set Unconventional Hours
  • Strong Work Life Balance
  • Flexible Vacation/Sick Day Policy
  • Stock Option Packages Available
  • 80% of Health and Dental Insurance Coverage
  • 401(k) Available

What is your Interview process like?

After we get a chance to review all applications, we’ll schedule a batch of non-technical interviews for our top candidates with our lead developer Gerlin. Then you’ll be required to complete a short code test that will likely take 1-2 hours to complete. After that, our remaining candidates will have additional interview(s) with other teammates, our Product Manager and CEO.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

Our culture of inclusion starts at the top. Our CEO has an open door policy and really makes an effort to make sure your voice is heard during 1 on 1s. This makes team members feel important and feel that their opinion matters. In turn, team members try their best to be respectful to one another and make each other feel welcomed and comfortable.

As a team, any time a new employee comes onboard we make an effort to reach out and have a 10-15 minute conversation. Team members who live close to the new employee will take that new member out to lunch/dinner. Recently, we started having virtual team lunches as an effort to increase the amount of time the team spends together in a non working capacity. We also have a team dynamics coach who is available for 1 on 1s if you have something work/team related that you’d like to discuss with a third party before bringing to a team member. ​ Our efforts to have an inclusive workplace matters the most when conflict arises. In any workplace setting, there will always be conflict and what's most important is how conflict is resolved. At HomeBinder, our efforts to be respectful and understanding of one another comes into play when there's a customer support issue, a breakdown in processes or even disagreement during team meetings. There's no shouting, finger pointing. Only an effort to get to the root of an issue. Because what matters most at HomeBinder is the support you get from the team, your voice being heard and your overall well being.

How to apply

Please email your details to and mention that you heard about this on Diversify Tech.

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