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emoji of a pushpinBaltimore, MD - occasional remoteemoji of a money bag$50k - $65k annual, equity packageemoji of a clockFri Jul 16 2021
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Vectech develops AI-driven precision environmental health products for monitoring arthropods (mosquitoes, ticks, etc) to bring better data to public health systems.


What will you do?

Responsibilities may include:

  • Conducting system and architectural design reviews, ensuring that performance and scalability requirements are met
  • Development of web services including:
  • Building highly scalable REST APIs
  • Managing multi-region cross-replicated database systems
  • Handling provisioning, data uploads, and cloud firmware updates for IoT devices in the field
  • Delivering relevant data and analytics to users through a high-available and responsive web dashboard
  • Gathering specimen data and user analytics
  • Serving complex deep learning algorithms
  • Write and test code that is reusable and well-architected

VecTech is a start-up, and though we are very focused on our mission, the path to achieve it is dynamic. This means that responsibilities within the organization are dynamic, and things will change; you will likely have to learn things rapidly on the job, and be pushed outside of your comfort zone, but that is the nature of startups. We find it exhilarating and we hope you will join us!


  • Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent, or equivalent work experience (2-3+ years of experience)
  • React experience (or similar framework)
  • Solid core programming skills in both Python and Javascript (3+ years)
  • SQL experience (PostgreSQL preferred)
  • Familiarity with protocols such as websockets, MQTT
  • Familiarity with Agile/Scrum development methodology
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to learn rapidly and adapt to shifting responsibilities

Additional Qualifications:

  • 3-5 years of work experience (considering internships and co-ops as relevant)
  • Familiarity with Cloud platforms (AWS preferred)
  • Some experience with Kubernetes
  • Worked with Redis (or similar in-memory caches)
  • Experience working with TailwindCSS or FastAPI
  • Experience working adjacent to data science/data engineering, working with deep learning scientists to deploy models effectively

What’s it like working with Vectech?

As a social enterprise, Vectech cares deeply about people. We try to create an open and inclusive workplace, which operates on trust, care, and passion for what we do. Work life balance is highly valued at Vectech, and we make space for that in our policies:

  • 40 hours per week is expected - Flex schedules are acceptable and encouraged to fit your life schedule. We generally expect you to be available Monday-Friday during the day for scheduled meetings and team communications (able to answer questions etc.).
  • Paid vacation is flexible and there is no set limit - We operate on trust. All vacation time should be approved ahead of time, tracked, and not excessively impact development. Keep yourself charged. Take what you need to care for yourself.
  • Health insurance - Being small gives us some flexibility. We have company options that include mental health coverage and vision/dental, but will work with you to explore alternatives if the available company options do not suit your needs.
  • Remote work - life is dynamic! Along with flexible schedules, you can expect the freedom to work remotely on a fairly regular basis. Being in person may be occasionally required, and generally encouraged. During Covid, especially as a software developer, you will not be expected to come into a workspace.

Who is Vectech?

Vectech is a for-profit social enterprise working on precision environmental health tools. We began our journey working to provide public health systems with better data on their mosquito populations. Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals in world, killing up to 500,000 people each year, hundreds of millions affected by the diseases they carry across high, middle, and low income countries. There are 3000 different species of mosquitoes, which carry different diseases and have different behaviors that call for different controls. Without quality data on where the mosquitoes are, what type they are, and how many they are, an organization cannot effectively protect public health and prevent disease. Our products help organizations identify mosquitoes in an affordable and timely manner with minimal expertise required, expanding accessibility to high quality integrated vector management. We have recently begun using similar methods to support public health efforts against ticks, a vector for Lyme disease, and also intend to braoden our work to environmental health monitoring for invasive species.

Join VecTech in delivering modern data tools to achieve a healthier, more sustainable global community.


We are looking for coding competency and a strong ability in design-oriented thinking.

Before the first interview, we will have a short take home question to asses basic coding skills. This will take 30 min, depending on your comfort level. 

After this, the first interview will include a get-to-know-you portion, followed by a set of technical questions. The technical questions will try to assess understanding of critical concepts, and critical thinking skills. 

The second phase will begin with a short take-home coding project (probable 1-3hrs). This can be done in , and will include code we provide for you to interface with. This will be followed by a second interview, in which we ask follow up questions about the choices you made and conceptual questions about the hypothetical project the code would function in.


Vectech is committed to providing the resources for our staff to be successful inside and outside of work. This includes traditional benefits like fully paid health, dental, and vision insurance, and professional development with our growing technical team. Work schedules are flexible, with remote or office based work depending on preference, and we will set you up with a wifi credit, company computer, and other home office resources if needed. Through our coaching/checkin model borrowed from local non-profits in Baltimore, we support employee driven professional development. As a young company with founders dedicated to building a more inclusive workplace, we aim to make Vectech a place where you can grow, advance, and become a leader on our team.

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