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Strategy, design, and Drupal development for large-scale publishers.


Lullabot is seeking full-time UI Designers (Mid & Senior Level) to join our design team. Lullabot is fully distributed, so this is a remote job. Ideal candidates will have at least 5 hours overlap during 9 am - 5 pm EST.

Your Role

At Lullabot, our designers work very closely, often in agile teams, with strategists, developers, project managers, and our clients to produce beautifully designed digital products and design systems. As a UI Designer, you will be responsible for translating our clients' brands into user interfaces that are accessible, easy to use, and beautiful. You will participate in the early strategy and UX work that lays the foundation for designs that work and lead the design process as it moves from the earlier strategy phase into the visual UI design. You will work with developers to ensure that the designs we create fit the needs and requirements and get implemented in a way that's true to the design intent. You will sometimes work alongside other designers at Lullabot (and client design teams) and sometimes function as the sole designer on an agile product team. You will report to Lullabot's Chief Creative Officer.

Your Responsibilities

  • Participate in Strategy and UX Design processes (workshops, research, testing, etc.).
  • Assist in planning the UI design process for client engagements.
  • Lead the visual UI design process. (Senior level only)
  • Assist and collaborate with others in the UI design process.
  • Translate client business requirements, UX work (wireframes, user flows, etc.), and technical and content requirements into high-fidelity designs and prototypes.
  • Lead Design QA work during development. (Senior level only)
  • Assist in Design QA work during development.
  • Help Lullabot's strategy and design team continue to improve our approach and processes over time.
  • Model and plan design systems for complex sites and products. (Senior level only)
  • Create and translate beautiful UI designs into complete design systems and their corresponding documentation, guidelines, and tools. (Senior level only)
  • Assist and collaborate in the creation of design systems and their corresponding documentation, guidelines, and tools.

We're Looking For

  • Someone with an impressive portfolio of visual UI design work (Senior level requires a broad portfolio)
  • Someone with experience leading successful UI design processes (Senior level only)
  • Someone with experience participating in the planning and creation of design systems (Senior level only)
  • Someone who can lead clients through an iterative process to arrive at great designs that please our clients and their end-users. (Senior level only)
  • Someone who is self-motivated and cares a great deal about the quality of their work
  • Someone who enjoys working closely with developers and in agile teams
  • Someone with at least a basic working knowledge of front-end development (E.g., HTML and CSS)
  • Someone with interest in learning about Drupal and large-scale CMS projects (This doesn't mean becoming a Drupal developer, but simply gaining an understanding of how it works)

Bonus Points

  • Someone with illustration skills
  • Someone with prototyping skills
  • Someone with experience on large-scale CMS projects


At Lullabot, we care far more about design skills rather than preferred tools. Most designers can learn new tools rather quickly. As we evaluate candidates, we care far more about the quality of the work in your portfolio than the tools you used to produce it. Our team tends to design using Figma but will use other tools (E.g., Sketch, Adobe XD) based on client needs and requirements.


  • 2+ years experience (Mid-level)
  • 8+ years experience (Senior level)


We're looking for a full-time (40 hours per week), U.S.- or Canada-based candidate who can start within two weeks of being offered the job. Ideal candidates will have at least 5 hours overlap during 9 am - 5 pm EST.

Values & Approach

The successful candidate will be able to manage themselves in a 100% remote-work environment and possess excellent communication habits in order to work well with other team members and clients. Equally important is that this individual can stand behind and support our Core Values.

Lullabot is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to be a place where everyone, from any background, can do their best work and feel safe while doing so. We not only believe this is a core part of our Be Human value; it’s crucial to our Engineering Values as well. In recruiting for our team, we welcome the unique contributions that you can bring!


After portfolios and applications are reviewed, qualified candidates will have an initial 15-30 minute phone call with a member of HR to affirm the basic job expectations and provide you an opportunity for questions. 

The first interview is an hour-long interview via Zoom with 2-3 members of the hiring team. The hiring team typically consists of a member of HR, the hiring manager, and a peer within the same job title or team. Roughly 10-15 questions will be asked, and this is intended to be a conversation about your related experience—there are no tests or assignments to complete. Tell us about yourself and what you’re good at! Share what you still need to learn! We are all works in progress. 

Then successful candidates will move on to a second, 1-1.5 hour core values interview also on Zoom, typically with the same member of HR, the hiring manager, and a leadership team member. Again, 10-15 questions will be asked about your communication style, your work habits, etc. Tell us about what will make you successful in this position! Describe how you’d like to contribute to the team! We’re a friendly group of life-long learners who love to support and encourage each other.

After the final decision is made, any offer of employment is extended via email or phone call. Once the official offer is accepted and signed, you’ll be assigned a “Lullabuddy” for the first 3 months of employment. This is a peer who is there to support you and help you navigate all the new things you may have questions about as the newest Lullabot on the team.

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