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We have an opportunity for an experienced web app developer to join our small but mighty team. We’re looking for a well-rounded and self-motivated Rails developer with a diverse set of skills including strong front-end expertise, a sharp eye for details, and the ability to bring designs to life.

In addition to working on our main product and service application, you’ll have your hands in a variety of small projects and tasks, like:

Documenting, prioritizing and fixing bugs
Assisting our support team with technical issues
Deploying marketing releases for our community team
Helping QA our releases to ensure they’re ready to ship
Building and maintaining internal tools to help us work better

While we definitely want your sharp skills, we're specifically looking for a great teammate who values creativity, respect, and an honest desire to support artists. Our mission is to help the designers, musicians, makers, and other artists that call Big Cartel home, and your work will be a critical part of keeping them happy and productive.

This is a full-time and salaried position that includes all of our awesome benefits like paid family leave, solid insurance, 401(k), and a generous PTO policy (we encourage you to take 4 weeks off annually and a 6 week sabbatical every 5 years!). You can work remotely from anywhere in the United States.

We also feel it’s important to point out the obvious here - there’s a serious lack of diversity in our industry and it really bugs us. That’s why we’re doing everything our small company can do to change that. We hope to continue to build a company whose culture promotes inclusion and embraces how rewarding it is to work for artists of all types all over the world.

Big Cartel is home to nearly a million independent stores around the world, and in the last decade they’ve generated BILLIONS of dollars in combined sales. On top of that, we have a product used by hundreds of thousands of people every day, and we’re constantly creating new features and plans to inspire and delight them.

Empathy and strong written and verbal communication
3-5 years HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascript - all standards compliant, cross-browser and cross-device
Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Postgres, Linux
Web components (eg Stencil, Riot, React)
Knowledge of SASS and LESS
Templating languages such as HAML
Testing frameworks such as Jasmine, Karma, Rspec and Capybara
Object-oriented design
Git and GitHub

Bonus Points for
Remote pair programming using vim+tmux
Experience with Ecommerce platforms
Using MV* patterns to build large-scale applications
Experience with BEM methodology
Test driven design

What is your Interview process like?

Phone screen

Skills assessment
Full Stack Dev candidates have a 2 phase review. In the firs half they walk one of our devs from the hiring team through some Rails/Ruby code they've written in the past (for a job, or another interview, etc) like they would introducing a pair to a new codebase. The second half is frontend focused and a involves a small real world UI implementation assignment. How would you go about structuring markup/styles to represent this example page, etc.
(At this point we explain our SOPs and stress that this can be a nerve wracking experience (particularly for devs live coding, etc), that we want to see them in their best possible light and are willing to work with them to figure out an alternative that does that. If the only code newer than 5 year old cruft from their github is under NDA and they can't show it to us we are up front about being willing to work with them on this. The SOP works for most people, has generally proven to be quite effective, and doesn't default to making a candidate invest a lot of time on unpaid work.)

Team interview, taking questions from candidate as well.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

Starts with building an inclusive company, so when a person from a minority group joins our team they are in a good environment for doing their best work and having a long career.

We worked with a D&I consultant a few years back to get our internal culture in a good place for this.

Since then we've stayed on top of our culture, but for hiring purposes we make a concerted effort to seek non-traditional places to post job listings, we offer flexible interview times, we don't ask candidates to do unpaid work for us, we have a hiring team that consists of women and men including a person of color from the team (provided scheduling allows for this).

Our leadership team is 50% female - including a woman CEO. Our benefits package is designed with humans in mind, we offer flexibility, pay for machines for team, encourage mental health breaks, have a mandatory time-off policy, our team is paid the same amount for the same job/role to remove as much bias as possible from starting salaries or raises. We also pay in the top 5% of salaries for roles based on Radford data. Everyone at the company has a cross-team 1:1 with a director from a different team so that they build relationships across our leadership team, and can take any concerns or questions about their own boss to someone they trust.
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