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Promise was founded to make a meaningful impact on America’s criminal justice system. We believe alternatives to incarceration can create safer and stronger communities. We believe technology is the key to accelerating this positive change.

There are almost 7 million people in the US criminal justice system, with over 2 million in custody and over 4 million on probation and parole. We work with government agencies to help support individuals navigating through a convoluted system, to help support their case managers working within this system, and to help them understand their piece of the system in real time so that they can make evidence-based, well-informed decisions.

About the Position
You enjoy building products and thinking through the full set of concerns from user experience to infrastructure, storage, and observability.

You are self directed and comfortable taking large areas of ownership and driving them forward.

You thrive on working in a cross-functional and collaborative environment

You have specific experience in one functional area but are comfortable owning and developing a feature across all the tiers of the system.

You are a constant advocate for the customer, focused on responsiveness and service delivery across tiers, and are passionate about improving customer satisfaction and joy.

Key Experience
Experience building Javascript based applications, ideally using Firebase, React, React Native, and Node.js

Experience with cloud message APIs, push notifications, and other mobile communication tools

Experience building end to end solutions in AWS or Google Cloud Platform

Experience with Git and continuous integration tools such as Jenkins or Travis CI

Familiarity with creating APIs and consuming RESTful services

Experience working with both relational databases and noSQL/document Databases

What is your Interview process like?

Phone screen, take home test, onsite tech & onsite non-tech interviews

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

We seek to hear multiple voices at the table and ensure we bring the differences to thinking about our products broadly.

We aim for representation: help us better reflect, understand, and advocate for those for whom we are working (see our corporate mission in the criminal justice space).
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