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emoji of a money mouthSan Francisco, CA or Oslo, Norwayemoji of an envelopejobs@sanity.ioemoji of a clockMon Sep 30 2019
emoji of a woman of coloremoji of a manemoji of a person of coloremoji of a woman 9 total on the teamemoji of a woman of coloremoji of a woman 2 women in techemoji of a woman of coloremoji of a person of color 1 people of color in tech is a platform for structured content. It comes with real-time APIs and an open source content editing environment built with React.

We are a highly skilled, inspiring, and supportive team developing a product that is loved by developers and content editors all over the world.

You can see a list of the current technical challenges and our stack at the full role description, but we aren't expecting you to be experienced with all of these. We do hope they sound interesting to explore with us though!

What is your Interview process like?

First, a short chat with our engineering manager to see if we are what you're looking for. A mock code review with one of our developers. Then for the main interview there is a choice of formats: 1. take us through some code you're proud of 2. explain how you would improve some code you're not proud of 3. solve a problem together

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

Norway has one of the most progressive and inclusive societies in the world. Sanity has an incredibly supportive and nurturing culture. We are constantly striving to be an easy place to work for people of all backgrounds and life circumstances. There are probably things we can do better, and so we also work hard to be a place anyone can suggest or request changes to the way we are doing things.

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