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Who are we?

Tempest (formerly known as Hip Sobriety) is a female-founded, first-of-its-kind digital recovery platform that provides alcohol abuse treatment for the 46 million Americans who don’t identify as addicted. We are a modern alternative to current recovery options like AA, focused on putting people at the center of their own recovery through an approach that’s empathetic, empowering, and desirable.

Tempest serves a customer currently ignored by the wellness, healthcare and recovery industries; deliver them to sobriety; and keep them engaged in an evolutionary pursuit at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment modalities. We position sobriety less as a singular goal and more as a holistic, aspirational lifestyle, and communicate this through our meticulously designed brand, through the thoughtfulness and joy built into our products, and through our commitment to culture-shifting via The Temper, our media presence.

Our current core product--an 8-week course that combines ed tech with an online support community--has been wildly successful. To date, over 4000 participants have been through the beta course with a Net Promoter Score of ~80. About half of our sobriety school participants convert into annual members and receive access to monthly Tempest content, a supportive online community, and the opportunity to attend in real life events.

Tempest offers staff:

  • An open-minded, accepting, mostly hilarious culture that believes employee happiness comes first

  • Unique holidays (and a lot of them)

  • Great health insurance with One Medical benefits

  • $150/month wellness reimbursement

  • Work from home Thursdays

  • Weekly team lunch and office snacks

  • Family-friendly policies

  • Pre-meeting meditation practice

  • Weekly support for those in recovery

  • Zero happy hours

  • Endless Topo Chico

Full Stack Engineer

We’re looking for a full-stack or front-end focused engineer to contribute to the development and future iteration of our current product platform and feature set, including but not limited to our admissions and intake process as well as our custom platform for hosting our participants’ educational and social experience.

This person will be joining the team as one of the first engineering hires and will be integral in growing the culture of our engineering team.

This person needs to know how to collaborate and communicate with non-technical team members and take ideas and input and turn them into reality. The right person will enter our fast-paced environment and quickly build strong relationships with the team and make contributions to our growing platform.

The Team.

We are a growing product team that already includes product managers, product designers, instructional designers, and engineers. Because of our tech-enabled product, you will be collaborating with a group of experts ranging from operations, design, curriculum development, engineering and marketing. Your role will be to build a thoughtful and engaging experience on our websites for our users. The ideal candidate will have a strong grasp of writing elegant code and working cross functionally.

Role Responsibilities

  • You’ll work with our product managers and design team to translate technical requirements into code, consult on prioritization of platform features, and build and refine new features.

  • You’ll be a master of focus, skillfully deploying new features and releases as we look to rapidly grow our proprietary platform

Minimum Qualifications

  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in software design, software development & architecture

  • Knowledge of professional software engineering practices

  • Experience in agile teams with working knowledge on how work gets from ideation to production

  • Strong focus on clean code and robust design with a focus on reusability and iteration

  • Excellent React experience or equivalent with another JS framework

  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with Rails or equivalent framework as an API

  • Familiarity with GraphQL

  • Experience in relational databases and data modeling

  • Heroku experience

  • Experience with CRM integration is a strong plus

You May Be a Good Fit if You...

  • Are excited and empowered by a mission-driven company & culture of building products and tools that positively impact the well-being of our students and users

  • Are a demonstrated and celebrated teammate & leader - someone whom your previous teams would love to work with again.

  • Are a hustler - you love the early-stage process of product development and enjoy owning the larger goal.

  • Are able to balance vision with details and impending deadlines - you embrace a “ship fast” mentality

  • Are a great partner-in-crime - you can think at a strategic level as a co-conspirator and thought partner for your colleagues, manager, and everyone you interact with.

No recruiters. Direct only.

What we value and why you should join.

We’re a group of passionate and committed individuals determined not only to create a modern, feminist, inclusive, recovery modality but also to entirely upend the way our culture views alcohol—we are the anti-Rose All Day. We have a scrappy, get it done upstart ethos. We believe in showing up no matter what, honesty at all costs, persistence, straight-talking, and risk-taking. We’re not looking culture fits, we’re looking for individuals looking to build an entirely new culture. You should join if you want to make a difference in the world, and see this as the obvious way for you to do just that.

What is your Interview process like?

Initial phone screen with Director of Engineering. Take home screening problem. Second phone screen with Product Manager. Technical interview with an engineer. In-person interview with product team.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

Tempest wants to create and uphold a new kind of culture--both in our company and within recovery writ large. We believe that many prevailing paradigms and defaults (e.g. cis, straight, white, male) do not align with our values, they don’t help ANYONE recover; there’s a different way of doing things (e.g. we don’t believe punative helps anybody, for example). Instead, we want to champion new standards, design for inclusivity as a default, and embrace wider ways of being.

To do this, we are actively interrogating and breaking down white supremacy culture and decentering eurocentricism (aka judging the experiences of non-European-descended individuals, i.e. African Americans, Latinx people, against a European American standard) within our company, school, and products. We do this not only because they are often toxic in and of themselves, but because they are counterproductive to the ethos and philosophy by which Tempest is guided, and our goal of putting people at the center of their recovery. To do this, we prioritize the decolonization of recovery and the decolonization of design--aka rejecting the default of white Western thinking and doing--within our workplace, within the spaces we create and hold within the school, and across all the work we do.

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