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We’re looking for a Full Stack Engineer to join our Commerce team and help develop our Marketplace. Our platform is built with Craft CMS, Craft Commerce, and Vue.js. We are looking for a strong individual contributor who enjoys collaboration with designers, and ultimately shipping features that empower our customers and our team.

U.S. applicants only please. No agencies, we are looking for an in-house, full-time hire.

What You’ll Be Working On

  • Working on a team of 3 engineers and 1 designer to ship features

  • Working on our commerce platform:

  • Writing code in Vue/JS and Yii2/Craft/PHP 7.3

  • Reviewing code that you did not write

You Need These Qualifications

  • Strong understanding of Web Development

  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript

  • Experience working in any MVC (e.g. Laravel, Yii2, Slim)

These Qualifications Are A Plus

  • Prior experience working with Craft CMS

  • Experience with PHP and PHP Frameworks

  • Experience with Vue.js and Yarn

  • Comfortable writing tests and architecting testable code

  • Any ecommerce platform experience

  • Experience working with a SPA

  • Experience collaborating with remote teams.

  • Experience in other languages and frameworks: Webpack, GraphQL, Laravel, Typescript, ReactJS, SQL

Compensation And Benefits
We keep it simple.

  • Equity in the company.

  • A salary.

  • Medical insurance or $550 per month to do what you want.

  • A free Moment Trip every year.

  • Moment gear.

  • A $500 stipend per year to spend on your own equipment.

  • Three company offsites per year.

  • Unlimited vacation.

What is your Interview process like?

  1. Phone Interview - covers role and background.
  2. Scope a project - write an outline and estimate for a sample project. (php/yii2/craft & Javascript/Vue.js)
  3. Test Project - a paid sample project and chance to work with existing team.
  4. Run a meeting - present your work and answer questions.
  5. Reference Checks - offer extended

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

How is your workplace inclusive?

We remove traditional hiring, compensation, and leadership structures.

Our hiring process is a project to hire so multiple candidates get paid to try out the company with a small (10-15 hour project). Candidates scope the project themselves, including their compensation, and then they lead the project and we pay them for their work. It gives more people a chance to work and avoid getting screened out based on their skin color.

Our compensation structure is a formula based on skills. Anyone can learn these new skills (we teach them) and level up their compensation and ownership. We focus on leveling people up from tasks to projects to running teams. This allows people to develop as fast as they want without being limited by leadership structures.
Then from a hierarchy point of view we are constantly building new teams of 3-7 people so the team can learn to lead groups. As our business grows we keep investing in new areas, which gives people a chance to lead.

Our team also works remote and doesn’t have a set schedule so people can work where / when they want. We host three annual offsites every year where we bring people together in person to spend time together. These week long experiences help to break down any walls and connect people beyond their work.
Beyond structure the company is open for people to make decisions, voice concerns, and make us better.

Why should underrepresented folks in tech consider you?

We teach everyone how to be owners. Ultimately we want to help our team be the next generation of leaders who start companies, organizations, or anything they are passionate about. We hope that teaching people how to build products, service customers, and run teams they will be able to level up to run / start something new.

As a community we are serving the creative community. It’s our chance to have an impact on the lives of lots of creatives by providing them work, budgets, and a platform to share their content. We are always trying to reach a broader set of voices in our content and when joining Moment you get to help in shaping / making that happen. So beyond just the immediate team we have a chance to impact the lives of hundreds of fellow creatives.

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