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FundBoard is a company working to support founders in acquiring the capital for their innovation. Whoever the founder, whatever the capital.

FundBoard is looking to add a mid to senior-level web engineer with 3+ years of experience to our team. In addition to being aligned with our mission, you should have solid front-end skills and be excited about learning even more. We currently use React, Redux, Sagas, ES6, and SASS, along with tools like Netlify, Airtable, and Back4App.

About You / The Role:

  • Full-time, 100% remote, salaried, you'll be considered a co-founder. We will provide any equipment you need for a proper home office.
  • $75,000 - $150,000, depending on experience.
  • U.S. time-zones, you can work when you want to but are expected to communicate with the team during core hours.

You Should Be Pretty Good At:

  • JavaScript: React is ideal, but experience in a similar modern framework is fine if you can learn React quickly. Understanding ideas like state machines and middleware is good.
  • HTML and CSS: You should know more than the basics and have some experience with accessibility (startup funding for everyone means everyone) and other HTML best practices.
  • Front+ Development: Whenever possible, we use backend on-demand services instead of building our own infrastructure. You’ll need to understand APIs and backend basics and how to set up lightweight data structures in the services we use.
  • Duct Tape: We’re small and early, and we use a lot of (metaphorical) duct tape and low-code tools to prove our ideas. We care about quality, but you should be comfortable implementing quick solutions that don’t scale well to find out what we should build later that does scale well.


  • Experience at a startup: startups do things differently. Knowing how to work like that is helpful, but we'll teach you if you haven’t done it before.
  • Mobile development: we use responsive design for our web apps, familiarity with building mobile web apps is a big plus. Experience with native apps is nice too.
  • Knowledge of best practices: such as testing, security, and SEO.
  • You love to teach and learn: we strongly value mentorship (giving and receiving) and self-directed learning.


Though we’re a scrappy startup, valuing our team is still a priority. All full-time team members receive:

  • Extremely competitive equity in the company.
  • A monthly Health Insurance Stipend to help cover your premiums and other healthcare-related expenses. You may also add your family, and we’ll help to partially cover their costs too.
  • Anytime you add a new member to your family, we offer paid parental leave.
  • Flexibility and Freedom. Get your work done whenever it’s most convenient for you.
  • We purchase the equipment you need to do your job well.
  • Unlimited Vacation. No, seriously, we check to make sure you’re taking vacation throughout the year.
  • An unlimited book budget to keep learning about the things that interest you. Or, as a nice book-induced getaway.
  • Post-COVID team retreats in stunning destinations. We want to meet you in real life as soon as it’s safely possible. You can expect thoughtful in-person retreats in cool places quarterly once we are able to do so.

What is your Interview process like?

Step 1: Non technical phone interview with a co-founder.

Step 2: Quick quiz to test your high-level understanding.

Step 3: Interview with our CTO/CPO - hiring manager.

Step 4: Work sample (appreciation gift card of $50 as a thank you), then offer extended if its a "go" for all parties.

Step 5: Interview with our CEO

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

We are building a company with inclusivity built into the fabric of our culture. We do not see diversity and inclusion as some box to check, but rather as a first principal of how we operate and grow as a business. A business that aims to level the startup capital playing field cannot succeed without leveling the playing field internally, which is why we take inclusion in the team-building process so seriously.

Beyond just hiring, we operate day-to-day with a core set of values:

  • Trust - All team members have the freedom to plan their weeks to best accomplish their goals. Outside of team meetings, we each have the flexibility to work when we work best.
  • Communication - We're remote and work asynchronously. The ability to understand and be understood so everyone can do great work is critical. We value good communicators of all types.
  • A true marketplace of ideas - We are constantly seeking to challenge our underlying assumptions, and believe that process is most enhanced by a wide variety of experiences and perspectives being represented on our team.
  • Quick feedback loops - We believe feedback is one of our most valuable assets. You should be eager to receive and offer feedback.
  • Founders first - We have but one North Star, and that is what will create the most value for our founder community. We think founders of all types are pretty much the coolest folks around, and we’re honored to serve them.
  • Bring your whole self - You are more than your role or job. We not only recognize this but embrace it and encourage you to bring your whole self to work.
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