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Hylo is an open-source web and mobile platform for groups regenerating our communities and our planet. Hylo amplifies collective action through a set of place-based tools for social coordination, helping networked groups collaborate to achieve shared goals for real-world impact.


We are seeking a full-stack web developer to join us in building Hylo: the social coordination platform for a thriving planet. We are looking for a full-time OR part-time engineer to join our team and help us co-create this open-source community platform.

This role pays between $8,000 — $10,000 per month (based on experience and location) plus health, vision & dental insurance. This is a remote-US or remote-hybrid role. We will prioritize developers based in Northern California (and especially in the Bay Area) because we prefer to build relationships with people in our bioregion, but we are open to finding the perfect developer anywhere within US timezones.

Technical Skills Desired & Our Stack

We’re seeking candidates who have experience with at least some of these technologies:

There’s also a possibility that this role could end up working on a Hylo integration with (or a full port over to) Holochain, so interest and experience with decentralized app development and web3 technologies is also of great interest.

What You'll Do

  • Front-end & back-end development - taking new features or bug fixes from start to finish with necessary tests and docs
  • Optionally, React Native development on our iOS and Android apps (super bonus if you have React Native experience!)
  • Work closely with the whole team to develop new features, giving input into the product and UI/UX design as desired
  • Join our tight knit dev team, doing code reviews, updating documentation and helping streamline our dev processes
  • Help architect solutions to the difficult problems of ProSocial coordination within and between groups of all kinds

How We Work

Here’s our project board:

We are a mostly remote team, with periodic optional in-person co-working in Oakland, CA and retreats. We do two weeks sprints, daily stand-ups, and weekly team meetings.


  • dental insurance
  • medical insurance
  • vision insurance
  • paid vacation
  • 100% work from home
  • work from home flexibility
  • flexible work schedule

Our Current Focus

Our partnership with OpenTEAM (Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management) is funding our work to build out functionality for the regenerative agriculture movement: tools for building community among farmers and supporting local food systems. We also are continuing to clean up and polish the core functionality of Hylo for enabling collaboration and coordination within and across communities, organizations, and networks of all kinds.

Our Values

We embed our values at every layer of our stack. These are the design principles at the core of how we build Hylo:

  • Seven-generation care — We are building tools for long-term planetary thriving.
  • Relationship-centered design — We work in deep partnership with our stakeholders, optimizing for trust and relationship-building with every other community this work touches.
  • Transparency — Hylo is open source and our operations, finances, and governance are open to all.
  • Interoperability — We will use, contribute to and create open standards and protocols wherever possible, and work to integrate with as many existing platforms as we can, especially those which are open source and values aligned.
  • Privacy and user sovereignty — We will never sell your data or share it without your explicit request. You can export and delete your data as you wish.
  • Inclusivity — We are committed to ensuring these tools are shaped by and effectively serve diverse communities. Hylo will be accessible to all by remaining free to use in perpetuity.
  • Collective stewardship — Hylo is already developed in deep partnership with our participants and partners. The core stewardship team practices consent-based collective decision-making to care for the platform. We look to a future where Hylo participants have a formal voice in governing the platform. As we work toward this future, we are inspired by Prosocial, sociocracy, the web3 community, and wisdom traditions from around the world.

Our Commitment to Equity

Hylo is an equal opportunity employer committed to racial and environmental justice, and we encourage members of historically marginalized groups to apply for this position.

What is the interview like for this job?


Step 1: Complete our brief application so we can get to know you.

Step 2: Conversation about your experience, background, and questions related to your tech skills.

Step 3: You submit a code sample you're proud of.

Step 4: Technical second interview where we review your code sample together to learn your approach to writing software.

Step 5: Reference checks and meet more of the team.

Step 6: Offer extended!


Hylo's design principles include seven generation care, and inclusivity: this means we are building tools for long-term planetary thriving, and we are committed to ensuring these tools are shaped by and serve diverse communities. As a community platform, we are designing Hylo to facilitate social and ecological healing, and support the movement to return land to Indigenous stewardship. On a personal level, our team is committed to equity, and racial and environmental justice.  

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