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GraphQL is changing the way developers & teams are building software today. Realtime GraphQL paired with event-driven programming that ties together serverless computing on the backend is creating a new way to develop applications, with more power in the hands of the application developer.

Hasura is an open source project at the intersection of the GraphQL and serverless movements and empowers developers to build powerful and scalable applications easily. Our technology gives teams instant realtime GraphQL APIs and event-sourcing for serverless on a database in a manner is high-performance, low-footprint, and horizontally scalable out-of-the-box.

Hasura is being adopted by developers in startups as well as some of the largest Fortune 500 companies today. We are very excited to be at the intersection of these 2 massive ecosystem trends that will have a profound impact on development workflows going forward and we are looking for amazing people who are as excited as we are to join us on this journey!

Brief Overview

We are looking for a developer advocate/technical evangelist to join our team in San Francisco. Your role will involve working with GraphQL and Hasura and helping developers and companies achieve success with these technologies. Given the nature of Hasura adoption, you will be working with developers based in old-school companies, using Hasura for large mission critical projects as well as indie developers using Hasura for their side-projects. GraphQL is still extremely new and is evaluated in great detail before becoming a part of a critical project in large companies. The ideal candidate will be able to identify and address the concerns and adoption problems faced by developers and companies considering GraphQL, educate developers about moving to production ready systems with GraphQL and provide valuable input to the product, marketing as well as sales teams at Hasura.

What we are looking for:

  • Full stack software engineer with experience across cloud native architectures, serverless computing as well as popular frontend frameworks such as React.

  • Good understanding of software engineering fundamentals. Ability to reason about good and bad practices, look beneath the hype and sift out the true benefits of new trends as being aware of the pitfalls.

  • Experience working with multi-disciplinary teams

  • Very good written & spoken communication skills in English.

  • Willingness to travel for meetups, conferences & other events

  • The ability to conceptualize, communicate & execute on short-term and medium-term plans. Being very organized & communicating proactively.

  • Prior experience in a dev advocacy role or experience with similar roles/responsibilities. Nice to haves:

  • Experience working with open source technology in enterprise.

  • Grown a team of developer advocates/technical evangelists.

At a high-level, the responsibilities will include the following:

  • Being a part of and growing the GraphQL community in SF.

  • Work closely with the product teams to understand Hasura, the new features being worked on, the engineering decisions and tradeoffs and be able to communicate the same to Hasura community and customers.

  • Educate a varied group of engineers ranging from enterprise to indie developers, software architects and CIOs on GraphQL, Hasura and moving to cloud native & event driven architectures.

  • Set up demos and webinars on Hasura and upcoming features.

  • Applying to and speaking at major cloud-native & GraphQL conferences across SF, the Bay Area and the US.

  • Identify gaps in the GraphQL community with respect to moving to production ready GraphQL for teams and address these gaps through various channels such as content, streams, webinars, workshops etc.

  • Create deep technical content helping teams migrate to Hasura and GraphQL.

  • Author articles in relevant magazines and blogs which have a readership base consisting of enterprise architects & CIOs.

  • Conceptualizing and working with a team of engineers at Hasura to build tooling, content and relevant resources.

  • Creating and owning a community resource such as a podcast, newsletter, streaming channel, etc.

  • Organizing and conducting a small-scale events mainly in SF but also other cities in the US occasionally.

Working at Hasura:

We are a small team at the beginning of our journey to shape the GraphQL and serverless ecosystems. Through your work at Hasura, you will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on both Hasura as well as the larger technology community.

As a team, we take a lot of pride in our work. We obsess over the developer experience, and our first priority as a company will always be to make things easier for our users.

We offer competitive salaries, have a generous vacation policy and provide health insurance for everyone employed with Hasura.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.


We’d love to hear from you. Even if you don’t fulfil 100% of the above requirements, or are unsure about whether this would be the right fit, please do reach out to us with your questions! You can write to us at with your resume and any other relevant information that you’d like to share.

About Hasura:

Hasura is a venture-backed open-source technology company with offices in San Francisco and Bangalore. Our core project, the Hasura GraphQL engine, provides instant realtime GraphQL APIs and event-sourcing on a database, so that teams can build scalable applications with GraphQL and serverless easily.

What is your Interview process like?

We have about 4 rounds of chats. Introductory chat with the founders to go over the company, the role and your experiences & expectations. This will be followed by a take home assignment, technical deep dive and finally a meet & greet with other folks on the team who you'll be working with.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

Hasura is a company where one of the founders is a woman-of-colour. We deeply care about making Hasura more diverse and ways to make Hasura more inclusive. Some of the small initiatives we have in place today are gender-neutral toilets, a company wide effort/mandate to use gender neutral language in all communication (for example, not using "guys"). We are also very open to feedback, as this is the only way we can always keep improving and be a safe space for everyone who works with us.

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