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Hack Club is a nonprofit network of high school coding clubs and makers around the world

Hack Club Bank is our in-house financial software used by 1,500 Hack Clubbers to financially power their Hack Clubs, hackathons, and student-organized nonprofits. When high schoolers use Hack Club Bank, we act as their backing financial and legal entity, allowing them to leverage our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status to receive donations and use our beautiful in-house software to manage and spend their funds.

As our 7th full-time staff member, your role will be to end-to-end own the human operations essential to Hack Club Bank's success, including onboarding video calls with new Hack Clubbers signing up, daily backend transaction management through our custom software, and providing a world-class customer success experience over Slack and email to Hack Clubbers. In addition to yourself, in this role you will lead 3 current part-time Hack Clubbers - and grow this team - to help you accomplish Hack Club Bank's human operations.

In addition to leading human operations to provide a world-class and reliable experience for Hack Clubbers, you'll also work closely with engineering to help identify and design new features for Bank.

You will have autonomy in how you make Hack Clubbers happy and how you manage the operations team for maximum impact. A formal list of your responsibilities would be something like:

  • End-to-end own onboarding new Hack Clubbers onto Bank, daily backend transaction categorization and management, and customer success for Hack Clubbers on Slack and email.
  • Lead our student operations team, have daily communication with them, and organize them for efficient and impactful work. This team has grown Bank from 0 to almost 1,600 users and almost $1 million raised.
  • Design our support systems and processes to more quickly and more meaningfully serve Bank users.
  • Think ahead and plan and identify process improvements and product improvements that can be implemented through a combination of human and software effort.
  • Be the top point of contact for all things Bank.

And a bit of what we suspect you'll be like:

  • You are extremely relationship and service oriented. You care deeply about providing a world-class experience to those you work with. Perhaps you have a background in hospitality.
  • Though you don't need to know how to code for this role, you're inspired by computers and perhaps cryptocurrency. Perhaps you wrote HTML for Neopets when you were growing up, wrote fan fiction on AO3 as a teenager, or have built your own computer.
  • You love identifying problems, then systematically breaking them down into smaller pieces, so that they can be better solved.
  • You like finding out about new technologies and then dream about ways to use them in a productive way.
  • You embody the values of a model Hack Clubber: collaborative, kind, high integrity, helpful, and curious
  • You have the traits of a patient friend: always encouraging, helping calmly when others might be discouraged, and genuinely wanting to make someone's life a little happier from your interactions
  • You have experience organizing others, whether that be in an official role or an unofficial role
  • You're excited to work 1:1 with high schoolers every day

What is your Interview process like?

We will start with a 20 minute video call, followed by a short call with leadership (Founder and COO), and a group video call with the whole team. Following this point, you will either complete a short paid project, or you will be paid for a day of brainstorming and calls with the team. We're looking for someone who gels well with our community of students, so it's important that you get a chance to talk with some of them.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

As a non-profit dedicated to helping young people find their path in tech, it is critical that we have a diverse team so that every student in our community sees someone who looks like them. We're also a team of mostly young folks, who are focussed on creating the tech ecosystem that we want to be part of in our careers that we're looking toward. We are funded by donors, so we are open and accountable with our finances. Many of us come from non-traditional backgrounds (did not attend college), and want to keep carving out paths for others. 

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