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emoji of a money mouthAustin, TXemoji of a pushpin$50,000-$60,000emoji of an envelopematt@code2college.orgemoji of a clockMon Mar 30 2020
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The Code2College Assistant Director of Programming is the tip of the spear and their primary role is to support the recruitment, engagement, development and excellence of the students in our program.

We are seeking a driven professional who wants to change the STEM/Tech talent landscape in Central Texas by making it accessible to minority and low-income students.

The main responsibilities of this role include: Student Engagement & Support, Volunteer Engagement & Support, Stakeholder Management and Project Management

What is your Interview process like?

1) Phone Screen, 2) Video Conference Call, 3) In-Person Thought Exercise, 4) Classroom Observation, 5) Workshop Observation and 6) Final Interview. This may seem like a long process, but we want to ensure that you have an opportunity to interview us too and for you to truly get a sense of what work would look like with us.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

The Executive Director and Founder is a black male and has been connecting with several PoC in the Tech and Social Impact spaces for recommendations and connectors.

Input is sought often, both formally and informally. Several internal initiatives were developed and led by team members. Diverse candidates should consider us because of the specific mission and vision of our organization: to dramatically increase the number of minority and low-income high school students who enter and excel in STEM undergraduate majors and careers. Our vision is to make Austin the nation's capital for diverse, homegrown technical talent.

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