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Onramp / Pandora
emoji of a pushpinOakland, CA or Atlanta, GA$22 - $26/hr in Atlanta, GA & $27 - $32.50/hr in Oakland, CA

This program will onramp 4 apprentices to work alongside Pandora’s Android teams in Oakland, CA and Atlanta, GA. Throughout the program, apprentices will have access to mentors, allies, and support staff at Onramp to help them navigate their responsibilities and establish a new career as a Software Engineer.

We believe talent shines best when you invest in it. The application process for this program provides candidates with access to upskilling resources, so regardless if you make it all the way through, we hope your experience applying will help you identify areas of improvement and further your pursuit of becoming an engineer.

If you are accepted, your first month will be in Onramp’s remote, online Android training program designed to provide apprentices exposure to, and practice with, the technology, tools, and social/emotional skills relevant to the subsequent 6 month onsite apprenticeship at Pandora’s offices in either Atlanta or Oakland. At the end of the program, apprentices have the potential of being offered a full time software engineering role at Pandora.

What is your Interview process like?

Phase 1: See if you are qualified to apply until Feb 19th
- Create an Onramp Account
- Enter Basic Information
- Take our Java Basics quiz
- Find out instantly if you pass into Phase 2.

Phase 2: Access curriculum and complete your application by Feb 26
- Check out free resources from Udemy
- Take our final Assessment on Android development
- Answer a few short essay questions

Phase 3: Apprentices Selection
- Finalists interview onsite with Pandora
- Apprenticeship offers extended to the top 4 candidates

Phase 4: Show us what you can do
- Potential video interview with the Onramp team
- Complete a take home coding project (supported by $250 stipend)

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