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Lickability is a small software studio in NYC building iOS apps with clients like Meetup, The Atlantic, Aloe Bud, Houseparty, and more. We've also created a few of our own apps, Pinpoint and Accelerator.

We’re hiring a full-time account manager to work in our NYC office. We need someone who can help us identify and build close relationships with new clients and grow our existing business. You’ll join a team focused on building delightful apps for clients, and striving to cultivate lasting relationships with those clients.

As an account manager, you’ll have the opportunity to communicate with clients every step of the way—by responding to incoming leads from our contact form, participating in initial sales calls to gather information about new projects, managing communication between our team and the client for the duration of a project to ensure needs and deadlines are being met, and developing ongoing relationships with clients by finding ways to expand existing engagements. You’ll also work closely with our engineers to learn about the software development lifecycle and create time and cost estimates for potential clients.

What is your Interview process like?

Our application process
Our application process has three steps: a phone screen, a take-home project, and an interview.
Phone screen: A quick conversation, typically lasting about 20–30 minutes, to help us get a basic understanding of your skills and personality.
Take-home project: A simple take-home project relevant to the skills we’re looking for where you can show us what you consider to be your best work. The project can be completed on your own time and in less than a day.
In-person interview: The interview is split into three parts, and will take roughly three hours. First, you’ll give a short presentation and answer some questions about your take-home project. Then, we’ll discuss working with and talking to engineers on the team. Finally, we’ll take you out to lunch so you can get to know us better, ask us questions, and see if you’d be a good addition to the team. We know that interviews can be stressful, so we’ll do our best to create a friendly, supportive environment that feels closer to what it’s like to actually work here—you are encouraged to ask us questions and look up any information you need.

What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?

Inclusivity is important to us. Our team, like much of the tech industry, is lacking diversity—we want to do better. So far, our efforts include researching and implementing more inclusive recruiting methods, company-wide diversity and bias training, and sponsoring community conferences like try! Swift—and we're always looking for and considering other ways of promoting inclusivity at our company. We’re actively working on making Lickability a friendly and welcoming place to work for everyone.
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