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OctoML applies cutting edge AI to make it easier and faster to put machine learning models into production on any hardware.

From the team that built the Apache TVM deep learning compiler stack, used
in production by top ML and hardware vendors, OctoML is automating the
deployment of machine learning models.


As a Senior Frontend Engineer, you will:

  • Work with the OctoML's backend engineering, design, and product teams to enhance the overall web-based experience of the Octomizer, including new user interfaces, new product features, sophisticated performance and model visualizations, and more.
  • Build robust automation and testing infrastructure to ensure high code quality and a streamlined release process.
  • Design and prototype new product features, using your design skills to imagine new capabilities for our product offerings.
  • Develop new content and features for the overall company website.
  • Help us build a team of frontend engineers as we continue to scale.


The interview process starts with an initial phone screen from a senior member of our engineering org and is used primarily for you to engage with a member of the team to make sure the role is a good fit and for you to ask any questions you may have about the role, the org, or the company as a whole. From there, there is a technical take-home that is used to approximate the kind of work you would produce in a real work setting at OctoML.

This take-home replaces a traditional "whiteboard coding," interview which most candidates agree is not a good experience, and which we do not believe is the best way to evaluate technical ability. After the take-home the last step is an interview loop with 4-6 Octonauts across the org where we evaluate for technical skill, communication, and role-specific qualifications.

The interview loop is primarily dialogue driven, with the technical interviews being more about scenarios and talking through designs, with no whiteboard or live coding problems.


OctoML strives to create a welcoming and supportive workplace, with open and respectful communication, that nurtures opportunities and authenticity so that everyone can do their best work regardless of nation of origin, age, race/ethnicity, culture, belief, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, life experience or social background. We are committed to the following beliefs to guide our growth and success: - We are a better company when our people represent diverse backgrounds and life stories. - We thrive when ideas and contributions from all people are valued and encouraged. - An inclusive and diverse workforce is key to technical excellence, innovation, and market relevance.

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