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Skynet is a content and application hosting platform that builds the Decentralized Internet for a Free Future.


Do you want to help us re-decentralize the Internet?

Who Is Skynet Labs

Skynet Labs builds uncompromising software infrastructure for the decentralized internet. It is a leader in the burgeoning blockchain and decentralized web ecosystems, and the core contributor and maintainer of the open-source Skynet project. Skynet is a revolutionary technology that will be the foundation for a free internet and builds on the team’s successful creation of Sia, the leading blockchain storage platform.

We are building a JavaScript SDK which runs both on the client and the server for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications. The SDK provides secure, easy-to-use methods allowing developers to integrate encryption, message signing, and navigation of Skynet protocol into their applications. The SDK continuously interfaces with untrusted data; security is a big part of the job.


  • Help design and architect the Skynet SDK
  • Plan and build out the SDK CI/CD to ensure reliable production deployments
  • Work with the team on designing and implementing a more secure and performant Web stack


  • Experience with technologies such as iframe, postmessage, and web workers
  • Experience with security features such as CORS, XSS, and browser sandboxing
  • Experience with build tools like Babel and Webpack

Experience in the blockchain space is preferred – but general excitement about blockchain technology is a must!

Remote positions limited to workers in timezones GMT-10 to GMT+2.


  1. Phone Screen
  1. Tech Assessment
  1. Final Team Interview


We're a young and progressive company that is working to expand our inclusion efforts even more. We strive to be inclusive to all life-styles and work-styles.

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