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Husmus makes private renting more financially accessible for everyone.
Our smart assistant provides cover and technology that makes renting more accessible, easy and affordable in order to build a world where everyone can enjoy renting privately.


Husmus is looking to grow our team with a mid-to-senior level full-stack software engineer.

We strive to create a remote workplace culture where everyone feels valued, included, and heard. One important aspect of this is continuing to create spaces for diverse life experiences and work histories. If you are a member of a group that is historically under-represented and disadvantaged in tech, business, and society in general, we want to meet you and we encourage you to apply.

About Husmus

Husmus was founded in 2019 by husband and wife team Sarah and Mattias Wernér. We started Husmus because we believe that everyone should be able to easily access homes at reduced costs. Husmus exists to address inequalities and discriminations in private renting. We have changed the way tenants are assessed and provide insurances to negate the restrictive up-front deposit scheme and protect landlords.

We see a future where every renter and landlord uses Husmus to make their journey easy, affordable and most importantly a pleasant experience.

Husmus Values

Because the way we work affects what it feels like to work at Husmus.

  • Choose to respect the thoughts, feelings and expectations of others
  • Communicate openly and honestly within and across teams
  • Champion a positive approach to problem solving
  • Be open to change and discovery
  • Seek to continuously deliver positive outcomes for Husmus staff and customers
  • Be a no ego doer
  • Own your skills and expertise growth
  • Encourage inclusivity and eliminate discrimination

About the Team

Our CEO, Sarah, is a newcomer to the insurance world having spent years in the pharmaceutical industry. She is a keen problem solver with a strong affinity for data science and analytics. As a black woman in tech, she recognizes the value in increasing diversity in the industry.

Our COO, Mattias, spent years in visual effects industry as a technical director on academy award winning films. Jack-of-all-trades who really enjoys working with engineers and developers to find technical solutions with great impact in the world. Firm believer that small teams who enjoy working together can accomplish big things.

Our CTO, Tom, has been with us from the beginning. He has some 20+ years of engineering behind him, with several startups and products to his name. Tom has been responsible for the architecture and most of the background services developed to date. Extremely pragmatic with a comprehensively holistic approach to engineering solutions.

Brian, our Director of Engineering, is the newest member of the team. He has 14 years of experience across many teams and stacks. He's looking forward to growing the team and providing mentorship as it grows.

About You

You are an engineer who cares deeply about the customer experience, and take great pride and ownership in your work. You are comfortable working on a distributed team and understand the value of strong written communication in such an environment. You also feel responsible for the entire stack, not just the parts you've worked on.

You are able to have significant overlap in working hours with the rest of the team. Other team members are currently in UTC+1 and UTC-4.

You are comfortable taking the initiative to flesh out the details of a feature. You're not shy about asking why questions to better understand the problem you are trying to solve. And you actively offer suggestions for ways to make it even better.

We are currently building the first version of our product for launch in the United Kingdom after a long proof of concept period with our MVP.

What You'll Do

  • Work closely with the founding team and early customers to understand pain points and build solutions.
  • Build features that enable tenants and landlords to manage insurance and vetting.
  • Work across the entire stack from AWS infrastructure all the way to CSS layout. Nobody is an expert at all of these things, but you should have the desire to fill gaps where necessary.
  • Transition a legacy code base that has gone through a pivot to something mature and maintainable for the long haul.
  • Balance speed and quality, with a focus on tangible results.
  • Provide strong written communication to keep everybody on our distributed team in the loop.

Tech Stack

  • .NET + Liquid + Vue + jQuery
  • MariaDB + Dapper
  • AWS + Docker + GitLab

Compensation & Benefits

  • Salary £40K-£70K, experience dependent
  • Equity and profit sharing
  • Remote working
  • Flexible work hours
  • Unlimited paid time off, 4 weeks minimum
  • Hardware allowance
  • Company retreats (pandemic rules permitting)

How to Apply

Please fill out the application form to be considered. Do not just send a CV.


Stage 1: Apply to join the team through the form below. If you don't hear from us for the first week or two after submitting your application, don't be alarmed. :)

Stage 2: Culture & Values Interview

Stage 3: Technical & Role Interview

Stage 4: Take-Home Writing Exercise (no more than 15 minutes) to evaluate writing style and proficiency

Stage 5: Meet the CEO


We take DEI very seriously; our co-founder & CEO is a woman of West-African heritage. Just by virtue of our existence we serve the minority community, because let’s face it, minorities are more likely to be on the receiving end of housing inaccessibility due to finances.

I think our CEO says it best. Check out her linkedIn post.

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