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Thank you for considering Diversify Tech's job board. We want to make sure that we are the right fit for each other.

On the type of roles that work best

  • Developer, Designer, Data, Product and IT roles work best.
  • Our community is a mix of entry-level to senior level people. Please post a mix of those. When you post only senior level roles it feels like you are setting the bar high for underrepresented folks in tech.
  • CTO, VP, Director and other high level roles are not the best fit for our community. You are welcome to post them but please don't expect many applicants.
  • Unpaid positions are not inclusive. Please post only paid positions.


  • Our members are primarily in North America (United States & Canada) and Europe. Please post either remote or North America and Europe roles.


Company values

  • You will give our members a fair chance. If you already have someone else in mind for your role, we are not the right fit.
  • You will pay competitive salaries. We are not the right place if you are looking for "cheap" labor.
  • Your company provides work-life balance.
  • You don't work with or support entities that support war, commit human rights violations or worsen climate change.
  • We check employee reviews (Glassdoor, Indeed, InHerSight, tech communities). If the reviews in the past year mention issues around diversity, management or pay issues, we'll have to decline.


  • Please post at least 2 weeks before the application deadline. Our newsletter is weekly and we want to make sure that we have enough time to promote your roles.
  • Once you share your roles, we will review and add them to our job board within 1-2 business days. If they don't meet our guidelines, we'll decline and won't charge you the fees.

Finally, please treat our members well. Remember that they are interviewing you as much you are interviewing them.

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