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Morgan Lucas

Tech blogger

Turning tech twaddle into something for the masses. Analyzing UXes, Testing Consumer Electronics, Using Cisco and Azure. Writing about it all.

Rin Oliver (they/them)

Remote, Austin

Hi! I'm Rin. I'm a nonbinary, neurodivergent content creator, technical writer, podcast producer, technical storyteller, community experience builder, and OSS contributor experience advocate. Projects I've worked on in the past have involved partners like the Gates Foundation, AlterConf, Learning Games Network, The New Stack, and Model View Media. I bring empathy, clear communication, and a unique perspective to all my projects, and look forward to connecting with others about future opportunities that may suit my skillset. My 5 year goal list: Publish a successful webcomic, speak on three different continents, contribute more to OSS, and to get outdoors more.

Morgan Lucas (she/her)

Azure Technician

Helping you impact the world by keeping you running 🏃🏽‍♀️ Via the cloud, networking, & IT Consultancy. I work on various aspects of IT, including Cloud (Azure), mobile tech, and strides in network administration, while volunteering with students. Network Infrastructure graduate with my A+, Security+, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification.

Jody Zolli (She, Her, Hers)

Senior Technical Writer
Greater Boston Area

I'm a tenacious, versatile, detail-driven professional with expertise in user assistance, technology, and procedural and conceptual writing, uniquely suited to building information and processes that balance functional complexity with ease of use. As a resourceful team leader I use a collaborative, trust-based approach to partnering with teams across the organization supporting the needs of the business and the end user. I'm a life-long learner, an innovative problem solver, an exceptional project manager, and a tireless user advocate.