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Victor Ikechukwu‌ (He/Him)

Frontend Developer

About Me

Hi! 🤠, I'm a community-taught front-end web developer, who enjoys building web interfaces. with a background history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Communication, English, Frontend Development, Technical Writing, and Teamwork. currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science - BS degree focused in Computer Science from the University of Port Harcourt. Aside from coding, I'm also a technical/product writer who's a huge fan of giving back to the community. Specializing in writing on topics revolving around frontend technologies or the frontend ecosystem, aimed at helping other developers discover new tools or expand their skillset. You can find my articles on my Blog: https://vickyikechukwu.hashnode.dev/ I'm open to new (Remote) mid - entry-level roles Core Skills: HTML, CSS (Sass/Scss), GIT, JavaScript, React JS, Nextjs, Technical Writing, Community Building

I'm looking for
A role with diversity and incursion, for a company whose product touches the lives of developers