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Vanessa Chandler (She/Her)

Software Developer

About Me

Solution-oriented professional excelling in coaching and mentorship seeking to develop more extensive experience in software engineering. Project management, servant leadership, strong oral and written communication are all skills that I excel in. Current proficiencies include but are not limited to the following: Java, C++, SQL, CSS, HTML, R, MS Access, MS Excel, Git, GitHub Currently focused on expanding professional and personal exposure to Java, Python and JavaScript. Also interested in AWS and cloud computing. In my free time I enjoy gaming with a few friends, rewatching Harry Potter or my favorite Marvel movie. I also love music so singing and dancing (although I don’t do them well) are also things I enjoy when I have time off!

I'm looking for
In my new role im looking for a company in which I can learn continuously. Im an inquisitive person but the most experience I have is with Java, HTML and SQL. I want to learn as much as possible while also using my knowledge and skills within my role.