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Tyler Holland (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Remote

About Me

Hi, my name's Tyler and I am a Software Engineer with a focus on Backend and Full Stack development. I am looking for an entry-level position that allows me to learn and build my skills both as a developer and as a teammate.

I'm looking for
My dream company and role would be somewhere where I am able to contribute to a product that allows me to help the world for the better. I would want my specific role to be more backend-oriented, either working on a team that is blockchain-oriented or being able to work on a team that is helping the overall success of the company. In terms of overall success, I would either want to work with a team that helps with infrastructure or a team that helps with the most important aspect of that company.
Not only would I want to work on a great product for the company, but I would also want to be able to work in a position that allows me to continuously learn on a daily basis. Being able to work and collaborate with a multitude of people from different work experiences to completely different backgrounds. I feel that it would be highly rewarding to work on a team that values a strong team and a strong work ethic.