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Travette Gazelle Castaneda (she/her)

UX/UI Designer
Remote, Nevada, Texas, Florida

About Me

Hi my name is Travette. I am a UX/UI product designer looking for my next big project after recently graduating from Thinkful's bootcamp. I have been a tutor and swim teacher for some years now and although it has been emotionally fulfilling I needed an artistic outlet, which is why I pursued design. This background has led me to be empathetic and communicative in my designs. I've used Figma, the Google and Adobe suites and Miro as my primary tools for researching, branding, and prototyping. I have designed a transportation app, hairstyling website, and an app centered on learning how to choose the most viable fruits and vegetables. Let's have a convo! Zoom, in person or otherwise!

I'm looking for
I’m Travette and I am a UX/UI Designer with experience in Education, Hospitality, and the Financial Sector, just to name a few areas of expertise. In a perfect world, I would snag a role as a Designer working under more Senior Designers from whom I may glean information and skill from. I am hoping to find a company that is excited to invest in me so that I may turn around and give them and their business a full return on investment and then some. I have an insatiable appetite for learning coupled with an uncanny way of bringing people together (yes, even on zoom). My ideal co-workers welcome the idea of being friendly and fostering a team relationship whilst sprinting toward deadlines. Let's team up!