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Tobias Scott

Web Developer

About Me

I am a web developer who is looking for entry-level positions. I enjoy creating programs that make life simpler for the user. Languages I know are Python (Django/Flask), Typescript (Angular+2/React), NodeJs, Express, Ruby on Rails, and Flutter (Dart). My goal is to create mobile apps and start my own consulting agency.

I'm looking for
I'd like for a remote position, but I am open to relocating anywhere. My role would consist of being challenged daily. I'd be creating new programs that would increase customers and assist the company in making sure the customers are happy. Solving and testing complex problems and thinking ahead to prevent new ones. The company would allow for growth and provide educational resources to keep our skills fresh and new. The company would be more like a family, and we'd help each other out if we noticed someone was struggling. We'd be a team.