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Sundi Myint

Full Stack Engineer
Washington, DC or Remote

About Me

Hello! I’m Sundi. I am a Full Stack Engineer, an emoji enthusiast, a big foodie nerd, and a cat mom. I have a strong affinity for working on backend specific technical design, but my origins start in solid frontend development and UX design. For the last year or so, I’ve been an Elixir and Phoenix engineer, and I’m a huge fan of working with it. It’s by far the coolest language I’ve come across so far. Before that, I was developing primarily in the JavaScript / React / NodeJS world.

I'm looking for
The ideal environment I thrive in is with a passionate, fast-paced group of engineers that are really excited to build their product. I have been able to adapt to any language or technology in the past when the drive behind it was excitement to learn a new thing. I have always appreciated transparency, humility, and desire to grow as core values of any company I have been a part of, and I hope to continue to find that in future opportunities. I would love to continue working in Elixir if I can, but I have also had a lot of fun working with JavaScript, React and Node in the past, and would be excited to see what's new in the JS world! I think that anywhere I could make an impact fairly quickly would be a great time.