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Stephanie Vaughn (She/Her)

Developer Advocate

About Me

I am a Communications professional with going on 4 years of experience working in tech. My background includes over a decade of work experience across the spectrum of media relations, social media, marketing communications, customer communications, feature writing and newspaper/online editing, content entry, copywriting and copy editing. Why did I start working in tech? The answer is simple: I wanted to change careers. For me, embarking on the journey which started in Front-End Development and eventually led me to Developer Relations has been an extension of my desire to pursue my love of communication and improve how we understand the roles it has in ours lives. Learning new languages - whether spoken or technical - always requires us to reexamine our understanding of the native tongue we were born with. Additionally, I recognize the immeasurable value of skills like coding in a world that increasingly relies on code more and more to communicate with itself.

I'm looking for
Fair and equitable compensation. Supportive leadership with a commitment to fostering and upholding an inclusive work environment. A solid balance of solo work and team collaboration. Mentorship that enables upward movement within the organization.

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